How to Chiffonade Herbs

Master this French cooking technique with our step-by-step guide, then watch the how-to video.

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How-To: Chiffonade Herbs

Learn to chiffonade delicate herbs, like basil and mint, that bruise easily if chopped. It may sound sophisticated, but it's easy to do.

Step 1: Wash and Dry

Chiffonade is the culinary term for thinly sliced herbs. It literally means "made of rags" in French. First, wash and dry your herbs, then pick off a few leaves and stack them.

Step 2: Roll Up the Basil

Next, roll the leaves up like a cigar from the side. Hold the rolled basil in one hand with your fingers tucked under.

Step 3: Start Slicing

Rest the knife against the flat part of your knuckles. Now, thinly slice the basil while walking your fingers backward.

Step 4: Maintain Contact With the Cutting Board

Keep the tip of your knife in contact with the board and make a continuous cutting motion going forward.

Step 5: A Great Garnish

Chiffonade makes a great garnish for soups and pastas. With a little practice, you'll be chiffonading in no time.