How To: Make Fresh Pasta

Our basics demystify the process so you can make fresh pasta yourself.

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Make Your Own Pasta

You can get dried pasta anywhere, but fresh pasta made by your own hands is something special.

Flour and Eggs

First, mound the flour and salt in the center of your cutting board or bowl. Make a well in the middle and beat your eggs and add them to the well. Use a fork to bring the dry ingredients into the wet, starting with the inner rim of the well.

Working the Dough

The dough will come together as a shaggy mass. Pull the dough together, mixing the sticky pieces with the dry. Form a ball and start kneading it with the balls of your hands. Use flour sparingly or the pasta will be tough.

Rest the Dough

Once the surface of the dough is slightly smooth and still a little tacky, form a ball and wrap it in plastic wrap. Let it rest in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

Ready to Roll

Divide the dough into slices. Lightly flour the dough on both sides and place the narrow end into the pasta machine.

Pasta Roller

You’ll need a manual pasta roller — you can find one at a cooking supply store or online. Coax the dough through as you turn the crank on the widest setting. Each time you roll the dough through, move the rollers closer together until you get the thinness you need.

Pick Your Pasta

This dough is perfect for lasagna or ravioli. Make tagliatelle by rolling and cutting. To freeze, sprinkle the dough with semolina to maintain good separation, then cover it up. Or, cook the pasta that day. Buon appetito!