The Best Restaurant Hangouts in Television History

Whether it’s crowding around a diner table at Monk’s or catching a show at the Peach Pit, our favorite television characters have always been regulars at one eatery or another. Here is a list of the coolest spots to frequent if you happen to find yourself lost in a Los Angeles soundstage.

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Mel's Diner — Alice

Where would society be without having hung out with Alice and the gals at Mel’s for nearly 10 years? Well, the phrase "kiss my grits" would never have entered the vernacular, for one.

Arnold’s Drive-in — Happy Days

The Fonz’s favorite hangout was actually based on the real-life Milky Way Drive-In in Glendale, Wis. But it is highly improbable that Weezer played there.

Monk's Café — Seinfeld

New York City’s best and fakest purveyor of big salads and tuna melts was a constant companion for Jerry and the gang for nine seasons. The exterior shots of Monk’s were actually of a real NYC staple, Tom’s Restaurant, at 112th and Broadway.

Los Pollos Hermanos — Breaking Bad

OK, people don’t hang out so much as they organize gigantic meth deals here. Still, this fictional chicken joint has entered the cultural lexicon in a big way.

The Max — Saved by the Bell

To people of a certain age, there was no place cooler than The Max. This burger and shake joint went well beyond the standard issue diner by standing in as a venue for parties, romantic dinners and even prom.

Central Perk — Friends

Central Perk was more of a beverage spot than a restaurant, but, hey, coffee shops have pastries, wraps and stuff. In other news, there is an actual coffee shop near Prospect Park in Brooklyn called Prospect Perk.

The Double R — Twin Peaks

Who killed Laura Palmer? Who cares! Just stop in the Double R and get yourself a damn fine piece of pie and a cup of coffee.

The Peach Pit — Beverly Hills, 90210

The Peach Pit may have started as a humble mom and pop diner that was inexplicably located in Beverly Hills, but it eventually became a happening nightclub where bands like the Flaming Lips would play. In the immortal words of David Silver, “I don’t normally like alternative music, but these guys rock!”

Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand — Arrested Development

An imprisoned man once said, "There’s always money in the banana stand.” This Bluth-owned haunt had only one menu item: frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. It also, however, tended to attract drug users due to its likeness to a marijuana cigarette.

Luke’s Diner — Gilmore Girls

It’s interesting how many of these are diners. What do fictional characters have against a good lobster bisque or a taco?

Nuovo Vesuvio — Sopranos

The bald and occasionally hapless Artie Bucco had been Tony Soprano’s friend since high school. His upscale Italian restaurant, Nuovo Vesuvio, was a constant hangout for Tony and the gang mob. To this day, nobody knows if Tony ever paid his enormous tab.

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