The Craziest Chocolate Creations Ever

Check out these mind-blowing chocolate creations.

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Chocolate Yoda

The force is strong with this gigantic, completely edible resident of Dagobah.

Via: Chocolate Unwrapped

Chocolate Tower

This chocolatey rendition of Big Ben clocks in at over 35 feet tall and 17,600 pounds. We want to go to there.

Via: OK!

Chocolate Race Car

America loves its chocolate. America also loves its automobiles. Why not combine the two?

Via: Design Boom

Chocolate Dress

Sure, you could wear a plain old dress next time you go out, or you could strut the runway in one made out of chocolate truffles. You decide.

Via: High Heel Confidential

Chocolate Room

This is quite possibly the closest thing in real life to a Willy Wonka fantasy land. It’s an entire room made out of chocolate. Even the cat is made from white chocolate.

Via: NBC News

Chocolate Mayan Temple

Nine tons of chocolate went into building this yummy replica of a Mayan temple. Maybe this is what they meant by all that apocalypse talk.

Via: Design Boom

Chocolate Easter Egg

Hey, Easter is not that far off! So here's a world-record-holding Easter egg made exclusively from chocolate.


Chocolate Bar

This is just like the chocolate bars you eat except, you know, 12,000 pounds.

Via: Today

Chocolate Turkey

Skip that whole dinner part of Thanksgiving and go straight to dessert with this humongous chocolate turkey.

Via: Black Dinah Chocolatiers

Chocolate Stadium

You’ll be screaming "Goallll" as you dig into this gigantic stadium made from chocolate and candy.

Via: Invision Free