Creative Sushi Creations

It’s hotter than a lambswool sweater outside, so our palates don't have room for hearty stews and the like. Nowadays, we lean toward lighter fare like salads or sushi. Speaking of sushi, what raw fish lacks in warmth, it more than makes up for in creative spectacle. Here are some of the coolest sushi creations of all time.

Kurisakiya — Sushi Tank

War! What’s it good for? A fantastic-looking plate of sushi. This violently delicious sushi tank is one of the star entrees at Japanese sushi joint Kurisakiya.


via Kotaku

Sushi Spiderman

Your friendly neighborhood Sushi Chef Okitsugu Kado put the webby moves on this Spider-Man made entirely from carrot. The webbing? Miso mayo laid over raw fish, of course. Too bad Chef Kado didn’t get a chance to make Doctor Octopus.


via Sushi Chef Japan

Umiwaka — Nagoya, Japan — Nagoya-Sized Sushi

Here in America we have supersizing; in Nagoya, Japan, they have Nagoya-sizing. The portions in this busy automotive town are gigantic. Just take a look at this sushi roll! An entire day’s catch must have gone into this thing.


via Tabelog

Chocolate Sushi — Sushi USA — Gaithersburg, Md.

Raw fish isn’t suited to everyone’s taste buds. For the more cautious among us, there’s this chocolate and fruit sushi rendition from the creators at Sushi USA. Tell your friends you just ate “a few pieces of sushi” for dessert, then marvel at your ability to cling to pseudo-truth.


via Sushi USA

Hello Kitty Sushi — Everywhere

Nothing will prove to dinner party guests that you are serious about Japanese pop culture more than if you serve up some Hello Kitty sushi. Learn how to make some.

via Only Japan

Sushi Wedding Cake — An Awesome Wedding

Why wait until dessert to unveil the wedding cake? This spectacular “cake” is filled to the brim with raw fish. Also note the massive slabs of avocado adorning the sides.



Edible Version of NYC’s High Line Park

The famous High Line, which overlooks Manhattan’s Chelsea area, can now be yours to munch on. This edible (and completely vegetarian) approximation was made with sushi boxes, chopsticks, carrots, baby corn, enoki mushrooms and, yes, a whole lot of mashed potatoes.


via Inhabitat

World’s Biggest Sushi Mosaic — Norway

Finally, the world record for biggest sushi mosaic was obliterated by a team of feisty Norwegian chefs. Although, considering nobody had made a sushi mosaic previous to this, they probably didn’t have to make it quite so big.


via Smilepanic

Van Gosh Sushi — Tokyo

Master Sushi Chef Ken Kawasumi re-created Vincent van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers painting entirely out of sushi. Now let’s get him to work on a functioning left ear for Vincent.


via Biancaso

Laser-Cut Seaweed Sushi

Advancements in laser technology have given us medical marvels. Laser technology has also given us really cool-looking seaweed that also makes for really cool-looking sushi. Yay, science!