All the Presidents' Cakes - A Presidents' Day Cake Gallery


Presidents' Day is upon us and you know what that means. That's right, a day off school and/or work. More than that, though, it is a day to celebrate the birth of our nation's best and brightest leaders. What better way to do that, then, by gazing at some creative president-themed cakes? Mmm, cake.


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Slice into some stunning examples of our commanders in chiffon cake and icing.

Source: cote de texas

This beautiful Reagan cake really captures the Gipper in all his sugary and chocolatey glory. Mr. Gorbachev, bring down that milk.

Source: Right Fans Poli-talk

Four score and seven layers ago, someone made an honestly amazing Abraham Lincoln cake.

Source: pictures-images-photos

This cake is an uncanny representation of Bill Clinton. Perhaps the innards are made of French fries and fast-food burgers.

Source: Virtual Tourist

This classy George Washington cake features our first president in silhouette. Someone get the ax. I cannot tell a lie. I chopped into that cherry cake and ate the last slice.

Source: Gumdrops and Truffles

FDR looks like he is about to make a new deal by dipping his finger into this utterly massive birthday cake.

Source: Fine Art America

Bill Clinton meets, um, Bill Clinton when Bubba comes face-to-face with his very own cake likeness.

Source: Kosovo Guide

This solemnly chocolate treat serves as a gentle reminder of why so many people still love Ronnie. Also, we hear it's delicious.

Source: Traylor Made Treats

Well before George W. Bush was president, or even governor, he owned a baseball team. This baseball-themed cake is not to be misunderestimated.

Source: Népsport

Too soon? Too soon for what? This crudely drawn Lincoln cake is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Source: Sassy Badger

The letters in "President Barack" can be rearranged to spell "best darn cake rip." Not that it means anything.

Souce: rnjennison

Finally, here's this. Happy President's Day, everybody.

Credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY / Staff