St. Patrick's Day Fast Food

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and that can only mean only one thing. Drinking until to excess. OK, it can only mean only two things. Drinking until to excess and green food. Chain restaurants have long been a fan of the holiday, using it to unveil all manner of themed menu items. Here is a list of some of our favorites throughout the years.

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McDonald's: Shamrock Shake

You can't talk about St. Patrick's Day concoctions without mentioning the green, mint-flavored Shamrock Shake. This on-again, off-again milkshake is the crown in Ronald McDonald's eye.

Photo: Scott's Web Log

McDonald's: Shamrock Sundae

Not only did McDonald's used to have a St. Patrick's Day-themed ice cream sundae, but the mascot for it was an Irish Grimace named Uncle O’ Grimacey. Really.

Image: A Sampler of Things

Dunkin' Donuts: Lucky Mint Donut

This chocolate chocolate-glazed doughnut is topped with pieces of 'lucky' green mint. It looks like as though not only America runs on Dunkin', Ireland does too.

Photo: Junk Food Guy

Burger King: St. Paddy's Sauce

Last year, Burger King unveiled their its St. Paddy's Sauce just in time for the holiday. What is St. Paddy's Sauce? In two words: green ketchup.

Photo: Lunch Pig

Baskin-Robbins: Lucky Mint ice cream

This mint-flavored chocolate ice cream is filled with green candy flakes and chocolate chocolate-coated sandwich cookies. Sounds good!

Photo: @BaskinRobbins on Twitter

Panera Bread: Irish Soda Bread

Each year, the mischievous leprechauns at Panera Bread put their own spin on the St. Patrick's Day staple, adding currants and a dash of caraway.

Photo: Kelsey Nixon's Irish Soda Bread

Z-Burger: Green buns and green shakes

This D.C.-area burger chain dyes its burger buns green in order to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. And the shakes come in mint, tiramisu or pistachio. We hope nobody mistakes the dye for mold.

Photo: NBC Washington

Yogurtland: Lucky Mint Creme

Wanna celebrate while still remaining relatively healthy? Try this green frozen yogurt, which features, of course, a rich mint flavor.

Photo: Luuux

Dunkin' Donuts: Green Shamrock Donut

Did you think just one doughnut in honor of St. Patrick's Day would be enough for the DD? Think again! This vanilla-glazed treat is topped with green frosting, sprinkles and edible four-leaf clovers.

Photo: Fast Food Geek

Dairy Queen: Mint Oreo Blizzard Treat

This mint-flavored ice cream treat is filled to the brim with Oreo cookies, making it a great way to satisfy your craving for both green food and cookie.


Bruegger's Bagels: Green bagels

Two glorious cultures join in culinary unison with these green bagels baked up by Bruegger's.

Photo: Pitch Engine