10 Edible Football Stadiums for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is like Thanksgiving, only with less family drama and more nachos. It's also a reason for some people to take their food gluttony to the next level. Here are some of our favorite edible football stadiums.

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Photo By: Picasa

Look at all of that bacon. Look at those tater tots. Oh, wow, are the walls comprised of pizza!? We just fainted.

Via: Life Tastes Like Food

No loaves of bread were harmed in the making of this edible football stadium. Actually, wait a minute, that's a total lie.

Via: Game Day Style

Spoiler alert. No matter if this stadium was built in 2008 or 2012, the Giants won. Also, who dug into the cupcakes early!?

Via: Guy Smiley's Guts

A wedding party is not complete until the bride and groom dig into their giant candy-filled football stadium. Congrats guys!

Via: Rachel Derman Events

Don't quote us, but this stadium may just be comprised of every single awesome food item in existence.

Via: LA Weekly

This stadium gets major kudos for pairing salty and sweet. Rice Krispy Treats and guacamole together? Finally!

Via: Manda a la Carte

You know, we've always thought the audience at a football game resembled a bunch of carrots and broccoli. Now we have proof.

Via: MaryMakesDinner on Flickr

The world needs more cured meats pretending to be flags. We want to be able to tell baby meats they can grow up to be anything they want.

Via: BS Brewing Co.

Who said olives couldn't be delicious Super Bowl fare? We are betting on Kalamata to win by a beef jerky field goal.

Via: Snackadium

We only have one question for you, Dollhouse Bake Shoppe. Are the lights edible too?

Via: Dollhoues Bake Shoppe

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