11 Coolest Video Game Cakes

Playing video games and eating junk food go together like Mario and gummy mushrooms. However, if you are going to gorge on sweets while gaming you may as well keep it fancy. Here are 11 amazing and beautiful cakes based on popular video games. 

PS3 Cake

Everything in this photo is edible, from the PS3 console to the BlackBerry and Pepsi can. However, be warned — the table is made out of wood and not cake.

Via: Pink Cake Box

PAC-MAN Cupcakes

This set of cupcakes is so cool that we wish someone would have used them to make a stop motion animation of an actual PAC-MAN game.

Via: imgur

Many Consoles Cake

Here it is guys: the history of video game consoles in a handy and edible chart (and by chart we mean cake, of course).

Via: GamerCast Network

Mario Wedding Cake

It's good to see that Mario and Princess Peach finally tied the knot after 300 rescue attempts, 1,000 go-kart races and a few rousing tennis matches. Congrats, guys!

Via: Bride Tide

Hodgepodge Cake

The Zelda, Mario and PAC-MAN universes finally collide in this multitier cake. However, the absence of Sonic shows a clear case of hedgehog discrimination.

Via: Geek Art Gallery

Atari Cake 

We hope Brandon had a fantastic birthday reminiscing about childhood days filled with intense Pitfall sessions and manic games of Pong.


Borderlands Claptrap Cake 

This happy couple celebrated their wedding the only way they knew how — with a cake dedicated to a cartoonishly violent first-person shooter.

Via: Wirken

Wii and PS2 Cake 

Nintendo's massively popular Wii console took your Miis to the boxing ring, a tropical island and the symphony. Now they get to be surrounded by peanut butter cups on top of a beautiful cake.

Via: Come What May and Love It!

Minecraft Creeper Cake 

Indie favorite Minecraft has not only catapulted its creator into being one of TIME's most influential people, but it’s also inspired someone to make this cake.

Via: Sunny By Design

Kirby Cake

Nintendo's classic mascot, Kirby, is known for eating everything in sight. These people have finally given that slothful pink blob a taste of its own medicine.

Via: Cake Central

Portal Cake

The portal in this Portal cake instantaneously goes from your plate to the bottomless pit of your stomach.

Via: Twitchy Tail