10 Worst Restaurant Fails


There's a certain excitement in the air when a new restaurant opens up in the neighborhood. Finally, a reason to leave the house. However, not all eateries are worthy of you escaping from your bubble of Netflix and Facebook "Likes." Some of them are downright failures in every conceivable way possible. Here are the worst of the worst of these sad experiments in eating displeasure, the biggest successes in failure-dom, if you will. 


Death Row Dinners - London

These chefs decided to open up a death row-themed eatery. What could possibly go wrong? People have no problem with macabre restaurants, but something about making light of the death sentence rubbed people the wrong way. It was forced to sentence itself to death almost immediately.

Hulk Hogan's Pastamania! - Bloomington, Minn.

The Hulkster tried his hand at this fast-food Italian eatery that made Fazoli's look like Spago. It featured classic items such as "Hulk-U's" and "Hulk-a-Roos." Even though it got some free plugs on wrestling programs, it still closed within a year. Sorry, Hulkamaniacs.

American Delight & Taste of Africa (Plus Mexican Food) - Rockford, Ill.

When you have to stare at a restaurant's name for a few minutes just to understand what is going on, it's never a good sign. This American and African (plus Mexican) eatery is, sadly, closed. Now you'll never to taste that plate of hot dog-and-peanut stew nachos.

Dans le Noir? - New York City

They say that, primarily, you eat with your nose. However, what about your eyes? Isn't looking at food also important? Heck no, according to the creators of this "dining in the dark" restaurant. The food was expensive and tasteless, and, oh yeah, you couldn't see a dang thing. Guess what? It's now figuratively lights out, too. 

Hitler's Cross - Mumbai, India

When you think of the madman behind the Holocaust, you no doubt think of fine dining. This restaurant had it all: delicious food and, of course, swastikas. Within a week, the restaurateurs changed the name and eliminated all references to the Nazi Party. Score one for good taste.

's Baggers - Nuremberg, Germany 

With a name like 's Baggers you'd expect anything but an eatery that is completely staffed by robots. That's right. No people worked at this restaurant. Also, no people went to this restaurant. It closed. It looks like people who need people are the luckiest people, after all. 

Buns and Guns - Beirut, Lebanon

Ah, nothing beats the smell of napalm frites in the morning. This military-themed restaurant not only went as far as to name their dishes stuff like "rocket-propelled grenade," they even had a constant loop of gunfire going as the soundtrack. This could be the only restaurant in the world that caused its employees to get PTSD. Oh yeah. It closed down –– something about people wanting to forget about the horrors of war while eating. 

Magic Restroom Cafe - City of Industry, Calif.

You read that right. It's the restaurant/restroom hybrid absolutely nobody was waiting for. Toilets for bowls? Check. Toilets for seats? Check. Urinals all over the place? Check. Closed due to an absolutely grossed-out customer base? Check. 

Hybird - New York City

This fried-chicken joint had everything going for it: a swank location in Chelsea Market, backing by a renowned chef and Roots drummer Questlove, and chicken that was actually known to be pretty decent. The problem? It was mind-numbingly expensive. A bucket of chicken, with no fixings, clocked in at a massive $41. It closed in six months. 

Colony Cafe - Miami

This Miami eatery regularly finds itself atop "worst restaurant in the country" lists and is the lowest-rated restaurant on all of Yelp. Why is it so bad, and how does it stay in business? According to some, it's by constantly changing the name so as to confuse people –– among other shady tactics. Classy! 

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