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Coconut Water Smoothie

Cinnamon Sugar French Toast Sticks with Maple Cream

Avocado Salmon Benedict with Chive Oil

Croque Madame Bread Pudding with Herb-Crusted Tomatoes

Boxty with Mustard-Chive Creme Fraiche and Irish Smoked Salmon

Crab Cake Benedict with Old Bay Hollandaise

Grape Focaccia

Spicy Guacamole

Pressed Egg Sandwich with Homemade Chorizo, Avocado, Monterey Jack and Queso

Caramelized Onion, Spinach and Gruyere Cheese Strata with Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomato, Sausage, Arugula, Ricotta Frittata

Belgian Waffles with Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Butter and Sauteed Cider Apples

Green Pork Chili

Cinnamon Mascarpone Pancakes with Warm Morello Cherries and Hazelnuts

Beef and Black Bean Chili with Toasted Cumin Crema and Avocado Relish

Smoked Ribs with Carolina-Style BBQ Sauce

Grapefruit Salad with Honey-Mint Dressing

Bangers and Egg Sandwiches with Irish Cheddar on Brown Bread with Tomato Jam

Zucchini Salad

Mojo Marinated Pork

Cumin Grilled Sea Scallops with Chickpea Salad and Red Pepper-Tahini Vinaigrette

The Grill Guide

Assume the role of grilling guru with the following tips for serving meats and veggies with a crispy char and a tasty wood-smoke edge.