Brigitte Nguyen's Bio

Growing up in a Vietnamese household, Brigitte Nguyen's warmest and most memorable experiences were built around meals. "Food is my mom's greatest passion, and it's always been her way of bringing together family and showing us her love." It's no wonder that food was an early love in Brigitte's life, whether she was baking with friends, watching PBS cooking shows or exploring the local farmer's market.

After a successful career as a corporate accountant, Brigitte followed her heart and enrolled in culinary school to follow her true passion. She went on to compete and finish as runner-up in two national cooking contests — Sutter Home's Build a Better Burger and the Food Network's Ultimate Recipe Showdown. But the third time proved to be a charm when she took home the $50,000 grand prize at the National Chicken Council's Biennial Cooking Contest.

Since then, Brigitte has cooked in the acclaimed USA Houses for both the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing and the Winter Games in Vancouver. She currently works as a prep cook, baker, caterer, and teacher of private cooking classes.

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