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It's Rocket Science 
Emeril is the first celebrity chef to have meals developed for NASA astronauts and the first person to have those recipes served in space.

Doctor Emeril 
Emeril earned a degree from culinary institution Johnson and Wales University, and later received an honorary doctorate degree from the university.

Young Star Chef 
Emeril assumed the head post at New Orleans' Commander's Palace at the age of 23, where he was executive chef for seven and a half years.

Warehouse Turned Restaurant 
Emeril's flagship restaurant opened in 1990 in a historic building that was once a pharmaceutical warehouse on the edge of downtown New Orleans.

Early to Rise 
Emeril worked at a Portuguese bakery as a teen, where he mastered the art of bread and pastry baking. Emeril would go to the bakery in the early morning hours, working a full shift before heading off to school.

Emeril’s Home Base 
Emeril's corporate office is located in downtown New Orleans and houses restaurant operations, as well as cookbook and recipe development, a culinary test kitchen, product shipping and a store front for his signature products.

Down on the Farm 
Emeril and Pride of San Juan operate a farm in California, where they grow a line of seasonal gourmet produce, lettuces and herbs.

10 Bananas in Every Pie 
Emeril's Banana Cream Pie has been a signature on the menu since Emeril's Restaurant opened in 1990. The pies are made fresh every morning and each individual slice is piped with whipped cream before serving. Also, there are 10 bananas in every pie. That comes out to 52,000 bananas used each year at Emeril's restaurants.

Just Add Postage 
NOLA Restaurant is shorthand for New Orleans, La., as the return address used on mail by many locals.

Chop Chop 
At Emeril's Tchoup Chop (pronounced chop-chop) in Orlando you'll find first-class Asian and Polynesian cooking, complete with egg rolls, dumplings, Emeril's favorite fried rice and Mai Tais. The restaurant is named after the famous street where Emeril's flagship restaurant is located in New Orleans: Tchoupitoulas Street.

From Drumming to Chopping 
Growing up, Chef Emeril was always interested in music and cooking and he is still an accomplished drummer. After graduating high school, he turned down a full scholarship to music school because he knew that he wanted to be a chef more than anything else.

History in the Making 
One of Emeril's New Orleans restaurants is also one of the country's oldest. First opened in 1895, Emeril bought the famed Delmonico Restaurant and Bar in New Orleans' historic Garden District and reopened it as Emeril's Delmonico in 1998.

Kids in the Kitchen 
Emeril has published three cookbooks for children that have gone on to become best-sellers.

BAM! Background 
"BAM!" came about in the early days when Chef Emeril would spend long hours in the studio, shooting five or six shows a day with a just a few guys in the crew and no audience. After eating a few of the dishes he'd make on the show, the cameraman would sometimes doze off. Emeril would yell "BAM!" as he added ingredients, just to make sure they were awake and paying attention.

Lots of Live! 
Emeril has filmed more than 1,600 episodes of Emeril Live!since it began production in January 1997.

Everything From Scratch 
Everything at Emeril's signature restaurants is made from scratch, from pasta to sausage to ice cream. Even the Worcestershire sauce is made from scratch!

From Dishwasher to Chef 
Emeril worked at a local Portuguese bakery from an early age. He was 10 years old, washing pots and pans at the bakery, when he first realized he wanted to become a chef.

Cooking for Kids 
To date, Emeril's foundation has provided more than $2 million in grants to benefit children's arts and education programs.

Carnivale Emeril-Style 
The Emeril Lagasse Foundation's signature annual event, Carnivale du Vin, brings together the most revered names in the culinary and wine worlds for a once-in-a-lifetime dining event. The premier wine auction ranks as a "Top Ten U.S. Charity Wine Auction" by Wine Spectator.

Table 10 
Chef Emeril's newest restaurant, Table 10 in Las Vegas, is named after an iconic table at his flagship restaurant, Emeril's, in New Orleans, the spot that served as a hub for Emeril and his team's daily rituals.

Food Bar 
A signature at all of Chef Emeril's restaurants, the Chef's Food Bar offers guests a view of the open restaurant's kitchen, and an opportunity to experience the heat of the action up close.

At the Kitchen Table 
One of the most popular seats at Emeril's restaurant is the Kitchen Table, where guests can dine inside the kitchen, with a special menu created and served by the chefs.

A Taste of the Globe 
New Orleans is home to a large Vietnamese community that is a major part of the Gulf Coast shrimping industry. In fact, one of Chef Emeril's favorite foods is Vietnamese pho (a noodle soup) and freshly made spring rolls.

Fresh Fish 
When he's not in the kitchen, one of Chef Emeril's favorite outdoor activities is fishing in the waters of the Gulf Coast.

Famous Barbecue Shrimp 
A staple on the menu at Emeril's since day one, Emeril's New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp are cooked in a dark, flavorful sauce that is made from shrimp shells and served with a freshly baked Petite Rosemary Biscuit.

Comfort Food 
One of Emeril's favorite quick bites to eat is a good fried-shrimp po'boy — with Zapp's potato chips and a cold Barq's root beer.

Edible Parade 
On New Year's Day 2008, Emeril served as the Grand Marshal for the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif. The "Passport to the World's Celebrations" themed parade featured elaborate floats decorated with a variety of fruit, vegetables, seeds, bark, grasses and thousands of flowers that celebrated the world's global cultures.

It All Started With Soup 
Emeril learned to cook at an early age after watching his mom, Miss Hilda, in the kitchen. Some of the first dishes he created were vegetable soup and French toast.

Portuguese Pasta 
Proud of his Portuguese heritage, Emeril created a special dish for his mom, Miss Hilda: Portuguese pasta with a spicy tomato broth, Gulf shrimp, chorizo sausage and kale.

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