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Judy Joo is a Korean-American executive chef and food writer now living and working in London as Executive Chef of her restaurant Jinjuu. Her love of Korean food began as a child at home in the U.S., where she watched her mother cook authentic Korean dishes. Judy Joo guides us through classic street food, bustling food markets and fashionable dining trends of the capital Seoul, explores the seafood and classic traditions of the southern beaches of Busan and takes us to the food festivals, harvest and tea plantations of the Mokpo region, as well as introducing her family sharing their culinary traditions. Back in her kitchen, Judy creates dishes inspired by her travels, putting her simple twist on 30 Korean dishes and showing just how easy it is to make Korean favorites with a few key Korean storecupboard ingredients. From Judy's ultimate crispy Korean fried chicken, and tender slow-roasted pork belly bossam, to meaty mandu dumplings and kimchi fried rice, Korean food is all about sharing, perfect for family and friends.

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Korean BBQ Chicken

Gochujang-Glazed Salmon

Instant Noodles with Spicy Rice Cakes

Korean Roasted Pork Belly Bossam

Buffalo Wings

Biggest and Best Bibimbap

Seafood Pajeon Korean Pancake

Korean Coffee Brownies

Korean BBQ Kalbi

Instant Ramen-Coated Squid Rings

Pan-Fried Fish

Cucumber Kimchi

Spicy Pork Belly Cheesesteak

Spiced Tuna Tartare

Superfoods Salad with Carrot-Doenjang Dressing

Spicy Sesame Straws

Egg Custards with Shrimp

Melon Ice Pops

Spicy Mussels with Bacon

Magical Chicken Ginseng Soup

Meaty Mandu Dumplings

Ultimate Korean Fried Chicken

Blueberry Pie with Chantilly Cream

Steak Tartare

Green Tea Chiffon Cake

Radish Pickle

Soft Tofu and Vegetable Stew

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