Easy as Pie and Cake and Cookies

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Custom Blend Beef Patty Melt with Pimento Cheese

Ginger Vegetable Stir Fry

Fried Chickpeas with Parmesan, Lemon and Almonds

Vanilla Almonds

Mile-High Apple Pie

Caramelized Banana Pancakes and Baby Banana Pancakes

Sweet and Sour Barbequed Picnic Drums

Carrot Cookies with Orange Buttercream Icing and Bite-Size Carrot Cookies

Savory Cheddar-Jalapeno Waffles

Orange Glazed Salmon over Beet Risotto

Chocolate Sheet Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sugar-Roasted Plums and Apricots

Grape Juice-Ginger Ale Spritzer

Cinnamon Knots

Marinated Veggie Kabobs with Spicy Avocado Dill Dip and Baby BBQ Veggies

Slow Cooker Bolognese Sauce

Almond Butter Shortbread Cookies "Mandelmusslor"

Pineapple Chicken Salad with Pecans

S'mores Bars

Skillet Blueberry-Peach Cobbler

Pasta e Fagioli Soup

Chicken Cacciatore

Sour Cream and Chive Mashed Potatoes

Cinn-a-Spiced Creme Brulee

Cucumber, Meyer Lemon and Lavender Granita

Spicy Smoked Sweet Potato Salad