Pantry: French Essentials

Find the most important ingredients for French cooking.

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Chocolate Framboise

Red Wine Cabbage

Lemon Madeleines

Jellied Eggs with Tarragon

Blue Cheese and Dried Fruit Terrine

Baked Stone Fruits

Quiche Lorraine

Boeuf en Croute

Beef in Beer

Coffee Eclairs

Oranges with Amber Caramel and Candied Zest

Parsley and Parmesan Petal Salad

Honey Fleur de Lys

Savoy Cabbage Ribbons

Petits Pois a la Francaise

Glazed Radishes Chateau du Fey

Pork Belly with Lentils

Rhubarb Water

Beef au Bleu

Watercress Salad

Hazelnut Roll

Angel Cake with Blackberries and White Currants

Savoury French Toast

French Lentils with Walnuts and Goat Cheese

Cauliflower Salad

Carrot and Carrot Juice Soup

Moelleux au Chocolat