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Cod and Chinese Celery Soup: Canh Ngot Ca Mu

Roasted Duck in Fermented Bean Curd: Vit Nuong Chao

Laurent's Ca Kho

Char Grilled Phu Quoc Salt and Chile Squid: Muc Nuong Thang

Young Jackfruit and Tofu Salad: Goi Mit Dau Hu

Green Fig and Tofu Salad: Goi Va Tron Dau Hu

Char Grilled Sapa Black Chicken in Galangal: Ga Den Nuong Rieng

Mantis Prawns Steamed In Beer: Bi Bi Hap Beer

Fish Pan Fried with Turmeric and Dill: Cha Ca Hanoi

Halong Mussels, Cooked In Lemongrass Scented Coconut Milk: Con Don Nau Xa Cot Dua

Kohlrabi and Buffalo Salad: Trau Xao Xu Hao

Pickled Bamboo and Tamarind Seafood Soup: Canh Hai San Mang Chua

Slow Roasted Goat with Lemongrass, Chiles and Preserved Bean Curd

Pagoda Rice Steamed In Lotus Leaf, Com Hap La Sen

Carp Char Grilled In Betel Leaves: Ca Tram Nuong La Lop

Dragon Fruit Shake

Spiced Mekong Delta Prawns: Tom Huong Cay

Whole Carp Cooked In Bamboo: Ca Nuong Tre

Slow-Roasted Goat Baguette (Chevre Roti Sur Baguette)

Caramelized Mackerel

Char Grilled Pork Neck with Vermicelli Noodles: Bun Thit Nuong