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Seafood Steamboat

Beef Noodle Soup with Rice Noodles: Pho Bo

Cubed Beef Wok Tossed With Black and Green Pepper: Bo Luc Lac

Hue Lemongrass Skewers: Nem Lui Hue

School Prawns Wok Tossed In Shrimp Paste: Tom Kho Danh

Citrus Cured Goat Salad: Tai De

Crisp Tofu Cooked In Tomato Pepper Sauce: Dau Hu Sot Ca

Khmer Beef Skewers

Whole Chicken, Dry Steamed in Sea Salt and Fresh Sugar Cane: Ga Nuong Lu

Young Jackfruit Salad with Tofu: Goi Mit Dau Hu

Lemongrass Chile Chicken Cooked In Young Coconut Juice: Ga Xao Xa Ot

Barramundi Steamed In Banana Leaf with Soya Beans

Steamed Sticky Rice Cakes with Banana

King Prawns Sauteed in Coconut Milk

Tamarind Crab

Sweet Corn Pudding: Che Bap

Tamarind Crab

Razor Clams in Coconut Broth

Wild Shitake Mushroom and Choko Leaf Stir Fry: Nam Xao La Su Su

Crispy Fried Elephant Fish with Ginger Fish Sauce: CA Tai Tuong Chien Xu

Slow Roasted Goat with Lemongrass, Chiles and Preserved Bean Curd