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Crispy Fried Elephant Fish with Ginger Fish Sauce: CA Tai Tuong Chien Xu

Beef Noodle Soup with Rice Noodles: Pho Bo

Hue Pancake: Banh Khoai

Sticky Rice Cooked In Bamboo: Com Lam

School Prawns Wok Tossed In Shrimp Paste: Tom Kho Danh

Water Spinach and Fermented Soy Beans

Snakehead Fish Smoked In Rice Straw

Wok Tossed Eel with Turmeric and Glass Noodles: Luong Xao Lan

Tamarind Beef and Kohlrabi Salad, Goi Bo Tau Me

Asparagus Wok Tossed with Oyster Mushrooms and Black Fungus

Char Grilled Chiang Mai Pork Belly

Gateau Basque

Char Grilled Hmong Black Pig Skewers with Sesame Salt: Thit Lon Nuong Muoi Vung

Green Mango Salad with Tiger Prawns

Seared Tuna with Mango: Salsa-Ca Tu Chien

Sebastian's Rabbit Cooked in Red Wine

Fine Noodles with Grilled Prawns: Banh Hoi Tom Nuong

Seafood Steamboat

Crisp Silken Tofu Crusted in Lemongrass and Chile: Dau Hu Xa Ot

Wok-Tossed Crab in Tamarind Sauce

Slow-Roasted Goat Baguette (Chevre Roti Sur Baguette)