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Balsamic Baby Back Ribs with Truffled Twice-Baked Potatoes

Celery-Pineapple Smoothie

Milk Chocolate Chip Maple Syrup Glazed Bacon Cookies

Penne Aglio-olio-Anything

Sweet Arancini with Leftover Rice

Chorizo Corn Dogs with Grainy Maple Mustard

Creamy Lobster Bisque

Worms and Maggots Salad

Severed Hand Sangria

Double-Decker Coffin Sandwiches

Theatrical Blood

Bocconcini Eyeballs with "Blood" Salsa

Designer Toffee Apples

Severed Braciole Arm

Marinara Sauce

Sartu di Patate

Zucchini Blossoms with Mimosa Vinaigrette

Cherry Pie Inspired By an "Old Fashioned" Cocktail (Sour Cherries Stewed With Raw Sugar, Bourbon and Orange Bitters)

Spiced Orange Mimosas

Plump Udon Noodles in Thai Green Curry with Eggplant

Penne al Forno