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Nikki Dinki, a finalist on Season 9 of Food Network Star, created an online cooking show to highlight her semi-vegetarian culinary style and to share her newfound joy of cooking. Growing up as a picky eater, Nikki had a diet that consisted of bagels and cereal; after moving to New York years later, she realized her eating habits hadn't really changed. On a mission to become a more well-rounded eater, she immersed herself in learning to cook and loved it. Coming from a large family, Nikki always knew she wanted to be in the spotlight. After several acting gigs and per a friend’s suggestion, Nikki combined her passion for cooking with her zeal for acting and began blogging with videos, recipes and stories on her ventures in the kitchen.

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The Bombardier

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Kickin' Crunch Burger

Smoke Stacked Lite-enin' (with Beer Cheese Soup)