Funny Foods of Arrested Development

Just in case you haven't read the Internet recently, beloved cult comedy Arrested Development is roaring back to life. The show has been known for its recurring jokes, many of which were about food. Here are some of the top food moments from the show's first three seasons.

Candy Beans

Whenever Michael Bluth is depressed, he inevitably reaches for a giant jar of candy beans. They are his security blanket and stiff whiskey drink all rolled into one.


Just as Michael Bluth has his penchant for candy beans, Buster Bluth nurses a pretty serious addiction to juice.

Skip's Scramble

The Skip's Scramble is a gigantic breakfast platter featuring every menu item at Skip Church's Bistro. It's $50 and comes wheeled in by multiple waiters. In the immortal words of Ron Howard's narrator, "Do not order the Skip's Scramble."


In the 1970s, George Bluth marketed a defective fritter-making device called the Cornballer. Making cornballs has a tendency to leave lasting burns. Do not make cornballs.

Bluth's Original Frozen Banana

Longtime viewers of the show know that these banana treats are by no means original, but that didn't stop George Bluth from selling them for more than 30 years.


George Michael’s forgettable girlfriend Ann Veal does this “cute” thing where she makes egg salad in her mouth by swirling together egg and mayonnaise. She calls it a mayon-egg.

Cloudmir Vodka

Vodka isn’t technically a food, but considering it is the only thing Lucille Bluth has ingested in the past 20 years, it counts here.

Hot Ham Water

When Lindsay Bluth tries her hand at homemaking, she usually just dumps a ham in some boiling water and dubs it Hot Ham Water. She also nearly burns the house down doing this.


Via: Fake Anything

Ice Cream Sandwiches

George Bluth may not be the best father or husband in the world, but he sure does conduct passionate love affairs with his ice cream sandwiches.

Poisonous Muffins

In the late 1970s, George Bluth moonlighted as the notorious Muffin Man, sending baskets of poisonous muffins to people he despised.