Showstopping Holiday Desserts

Get the best holiday dessert recipes and tips from Sandra Lee, Nadia G. and the chefs at Cooking Channel.

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Want to wow your family and friends with a spectacular dessert at your holiday party? Sandra and Nadia are serving up two (very different) ways to stun your guests and steal the show at your next holiday gathering. 

Tips for Making Sandra Lee's Snowman Cake

1. Use plenty of frosting to cover your cakes. No one likes a skimpy frosting job, and it is the holiday season, after all, so be generous with your frosting.

2. Use your favorite candies to decorate your snowman to make him come to life, like chocolate-mint patties for eyes, an orange gumdrop "carrot" nose, and candy-coated chocolate candies for a mouth.

3. Prepare your cake on a large cutting board wrapped with tin foil, then adhere small snowflake cookies with royal icing. Instant winter wonderland!

4. Shredded coconut looks like freshly fallen snow, so sprinkle away.

Tips for Making Nadia G.'s Panettone Bread Pudding

1. Let your panettone get stale before slicing into cubes and using in your bread pudding. Stale bread will soak up more creamy custard mixture.

2. Use real vanilla beans if you can find them; their sweet, intoxicating aroma is a flavor knockout. 

3. Try replacing some white sugar with raw sugar for caramel-like flavor.

4. Cook the creamy vanilla creme anglaise sauce over low heat. Don't boil your creme anglaise sauce unless you like scrambled eggs with your bread pudding!

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