DIY Halloween Chalkboard Tray

Serve Halloween guests in spooky style with this easy-to-make customizable chalkboard tray.

Materials Needed:

    • unfinished or old wooden tray
    • tinted primer
    • chalkboard paint
    • paintbrush
    • fine-grit sanding pad
    • tack cloth
    • towel
    • chalk

Source Tray

If tray has a painted or varnished layer, thoroughly sand it to remove any existing finish.

Apply Primer

Brush on an even layer of tinted primer; allow to dry for three hours.

Sand Surfaces

Sand off any rough or raised areas, then wipe clean with tack cloth to ensure a smooth, dust-free surface.

Apply Paint

Brush on an even layer of chalkboard paint; allow to dry for three hours.

Treat Tray Surface With Chalk

Prepare tray for writing by covering surfaces using a large chalk stick on its side. This allows all future markings to be fully erasable.

Treat Tray Surface With Chalk

Rub chalk into surfaces then wipe away with a towel. Complete your spooktacular tray with your favorite Halloween phrase or a message to your guests.

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