Fans' Creepiest Halloween Recipe Ideas

We asked Cooking Channel fans to submit their creepiest Halloween photos. The result? Lots of severed fingers, dislodged body parts and buggy treats.

Severed Fingers

Cooking Channel fan JulieBugs shares her eerily realistic severed hot dog fingers, complete with authentic "skin" creases and the jagged edges and bloody ketchup pool you'd expect from dismembered fingers.

Sweet Brains

User Chef777923 decorates an iced green cake with a fake brain and random gummy body parts like fingers, eyeballs and noses. The gushing "blood" is actually a sweet raspberry syrup. In this case, brains are sweet.

Dem Bones

User Lee-Ann41 applied some real artistry to build a vanilla skull and bones cake dredged in white chocolate, with chocolate shading and gummy eyeballs. So good, it's scary.

Witches' Fingers

Talented wkmktg gives finger cookies that wicked-witch green with some food coloring and adheres almond fingernails with jam (just enough to make them look appropriately bloodied).


Fan GinaCucina prepares a mold of brains so squiggly and pink that you might be too frightened to cut into it and see what's inside.

Doll Part Cupcakes

We're pretty sure there's nothing creepier than headless dolls (it all relates back to Chuckie, doesn't it?), but lena480 makes her hair-raising doll cupcakes even scarier with some bloody scars and battle wounds.

Skull Cake

Cisco127's frosted skull cake is crani-yum. And this ghoulish goody isn't all bones; a dessert-seeking knife wielder will expose the mushy pink brains inside (made of sweet pink mousse).

Spiderweb Fiesta Dip

Doskogirl's multicolored fiesta dip features big plastic spiders that have trapped all the ingredients underneath a thick sour cream web.

Bug Bites

For a sweeter kind of bug bite, prepare cupcakes like chrisandlainey, topped with multicolored leggy critters.

Worms in the Pumpkin Patch

Doskogirl shares a muddy chocolate concoction in individual-service cups, with both pumpkins and creepy-crawly worms emerging.

Freaky Halloween Cupcakes

Take inspiration from KevinGBender and do the monster mash with some beautifully iced cupcakes topped with an assortment of iconic Halloween creatures (and candies).

Kitty Litter Cake

To gross out guests, prepare this kitty litter cake from Doskogirl, complete with little chocolate (we presume?) droppings. (We sure hope she used a clean pan and scoop!)

My Brain on Work

The talented cdepalma shares a frightfully bloody-looking brain on work: a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting under molded fondant. So, how to get that oily-looking exterior? "I used a gelatin brain mold and sprayed with oil for easy removal," cdepalma says.

Spooky Sugar Cookies

Icing master bettybaker82 shows off her impressive decorating talents with a plateful of sparkly pumpkin- and bat-shaped spooky sugar cookies (including authentic-looking marbled tombstones).

Zombie Eyes

Creative cook luvthelake45 makes zombie eyes by dying the yolks of deviled eggs green. Pipe the yolk into halved whites and top with sliced green olive "pupils." The "veins" are made by dipping toothpicks in a mixture of paprika and a dab of water, then drawing the vessels onto the egg whites.

Mouse-Hole Cheese Ball

For a simple gross-out party snack, mix cream cheese, cheddar cheese, pimentos, pecans and Worcestershire sauce per this recipe for a mouse-hole cheese ball (mice not included).

Witches' Fingers Soft Pretzels

Clearly mutilated fingers is a hot theme among Halloween treats. Here, momgips bakes soft pretzels into witches' fingers and serves them with a spicy mustard dipping sauce.

Corpse Ribs

Find this meaty main terrifying? Well of corpse you do! Mike Petersen1 tops his corpse ribs with a skull made of molded ground beef and garlic clove teeth.

Grave Cupcakes

Serve treats that'll wake the undead: grave cupcakes a la LongIslandCookieDiva, using just a few decorative ingredients to transform chocolate cupcakes.

Meatloaf Monster Hand

Clb41 encourages Halloween lovers to talk to the meatloaf hand. For this disgusting (looking) dish, use your favorite meatloaf recipe and mold it into the shape of a hand. Slivered onions form appropriately creepy nails (with blackened edges), while a ketchup border gives the impression of dried blood.


Mozzarella balls topped with olives and some squiggles of ketchup or tomato sauce make very convincing eyeballs for serving at your Halloween party.

Meat Man

When GinaCucina tries her hand at Halloween family dinner, the result is this annual meat man, where man meets meatloaf.

Candy Eyeballs

These eyeball candies are a Halloween tradition at lelapc1's house. Make them by dipping malted milk balls in white almond bark, then decorating them with gooey gel icing. 

Monster Meatloaf

Top meatloaf with mashed potatoes, green bean teeth and a ketchup-squiggled monster face to follow Doskogirl's meatloaf monster model.