Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween is nearly upon us, which means it's time to start thinking of ways to avoid being "that person" at the big Halloween party wearing a black T-shirt and jeans. Why not go with something food related? Here are a bunch of culinary costume ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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Salt and Pepper

'Tis the season to dress as seasoning. There won’t be any bland soup at whatever party you go to, that’s for sure.

Via: Norcostco


Everyone loves a good slice of pizza, even if it is fake and most likely made of poisonous polymers.

Via: Go Go Mongo


Show your devotion to quality beef blends by dressing up as a cheeseburger. Pat LaFrieda would be proud.

Via: Etsy


Taco costumes are perfect for babies, dogs or anyone else who tends to crawl around on all fours; this could include your drunken Uncle Ernie.

Via: MyBS


Scare the vegetarians in your neighborhood by dressing up as a blood-rare steak. Mmm, beefy.

Via: Saunders409

Breakfast Table

Why settle for one breakfast item when you can dress up as all of the breakfast items? You’ll be like a walking Shoney’s buffet.

Via: Costume Pop

Ice Cream Cone Head

Can’t think of anything? Just strap a fake ice cream cone to your head. People will be way into it.

Via: Bug Miscellany

Hot Dog

Why be taken out to the ballgame when you can take (part of) the ballgame (experience) out to the people?

Via: Bantam10 on Flickr


Sure, for the price it would take to make this costume, you could probably eat actual ramen for the next 10 years of your life. But who cares? You’ll look cool.

Via: Deviant Art


Show your veggie bona fides by dressing up as everyone’s favorite cruciferous vegetable — extra points if you pour cheese on your head.

Via: Wikimedia Commons

Thanksgiving Dinner

Dedicate yourself to the near future by becoming the physical representation of Thanksgiving dinner. Just another month, people.

Via: Indigo

Cotton Candy

Halloween is our most carnival-like holiday, so you may as well dress like the ultimate staple of carnival snacking, cotton candy.

Via: Ciera Design

Wedding Cake

Wear your cake and eat it too. Dress as a gigantic wedding cake. This is perfect if you plan to get married on Oct. 31.

Via: Vampire Hours


Show up all of those people wearing costumes featuring cooked food by dressing as a sushi roll or two.

Via: Costume Pop

Fork and Spoon

These are the perfect costumes for people who want to chase other food-based costumes around.

Via: Costume America


Is there anything tastier than a perfectly prepared dumpling? Show your love for the craft by dressing up as one and drunkenly bumping into things.

Via: Fork in the Road


The humble burrito may be the world’s most perfect food, so the humble burrito costume may be the world’s most perfect food-based Halloween costume.

Via: Picable


Show your appreciation for the Earl of Sandwich and his astounding creation by throwing together a multilayered sandwich-esque costume.

Via: RMS Creations


Your favorite hot sauce is an easy costume to make: Just get a branded T-shirt and some green cardboard paper. You’ll be the spicy hit of the party!


French Fries

There’s an old saying that states “never touch another man’s fries.” Does this also include yellow pieces of cardboard made to look like fries?

Via: MTV Geek