Nadia G.'s Bitchin' Halloween Bash

Throw a Halloween party that rocks with Nadia G's creepy recipes and a playlist that'll make you scream.

Halloween, Nadia G.-Style

If you're looking to throw a rockin' Halloween party, who better to turn to than the queen of bad, Nadia G? We asked the Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen star to share her tips and recipes for the baddest Halloween bash around. Never one to turn down a party, Nadia donned her freakiest costume, rolled up her sleeves and, with the help of Kitchen musical director Mary Martinelli, offered up a scary good menu, plus tunes to keep you creepin' all night long.

The Devil's in the Dip

Nadia G’s fried devils — or red finger chiles — will give your evening a fiery kick-start.

Get the Recipe: Diavoli Fritte with Onion and Dill Dip

Nadia's Playlist:Waking the Undead

Marilyn Manson - This Is Halloween
Megadeath - Symphony of Destruction
The Black Lips - Body Combat
The Cramps - The Crusher

Eat Your Eyes Out

Creep out guests — and ignite their appetites — with Bocconcini cheese, Prosciutto di Parma, tomato and olive appetizer eyeballs.

Get the Recipe: Bocconcini Eyeballs with "Blood" Salsa

Worms and Maggots Salad

Don't worry, those bits that look like maggots are just grated cauliflower. The worms are julienned peaches. It's very likely that actual invertebrates wouldn't taste this delicious.

Get the Recipe: Worms and Maggots Salad

Nadia's Playlist:Monster Mosh Pit

Bobby "Boris" Picket - The Monster Mash
Bing Crosby - The Headless Horseman
Kay Star - The Headless Horseman
The Cramps - I Was a Teenage Wolf
The Cramps - The Creature From the Black Lagoon

Tasty Tombs

These sandwiches make a sweet and spooky main for any Halloween gathering. Within the pumpernickel bread coffin, find aged cheddar, apple slices, alfalfa sprouts and almond slivers. A drizzle of pureed raspberries adds even more sweetness and makes these sandwiches "bloody delicious," according to Nadia.

Get the Recipe: Double-Decker Coffin Sandwiches

A Wrist Worth Taking

Nadia's Severed Braciole Arm is made of flank steak and meatloaf. It's wrapped in prosciutto that gets baked until it looks like real skin! How can that not be the most creepily delicious thing ever?

Get the Recipe: Severed Braciole Arm

Nadia's Playlist:Knock Some Bones

The Ghastly Ones & Rob Zombie - Halloween (She Get So Mean)
Rob Zombie - Dragula
Electric Six - Danger!
The Sonics - The Witch

Creamy Cocoons

Keeping the bloody theme alive, sweet, savory, spicy ricotta crepes with a raspberry-chile coulis take just minutes to prepare, but guests will be wowed by your dynamic dessert display.

Get the Recipe: Ricotta Crepes with Raspberry-Chile Coulis and Chocolate Shavings

Nadia's Playlist:So Sweet, It's Sick

Cyndi Lauper - Good Enough
The Vice Barons - Swamp Fever
The Hives - The Stomp
Les Jaguars - Guitare Jet

Hands Off to You

As the night rocks on, fill guests' glasses with a tangy citrus sangria. This party drink is so tasty, punch-goers might be a little heavy-handed with their self-service — so have seconds ready to go in the fridge.

Get the Recipe: Severed Hand Sangria

Nadia's Playlist:Night Crawlers

Tricked Out Treat

Apples get bitchin' to the core when they're dipped in homemade toffee and rolled in slivered almonds.

Get the Recipe: Designer Toffee Apples