The Creepiest Halloween Candy You Can Buy

Halloween is just around the corner. Why hand out the same old boring Twix bars and candy corn that won’t make kids squeamish at all. Here is some truly scary candy you can buy to make your neighborhood’s rug rats quiver in their Iron Man boots.

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Gummy Maggots

You can hand out your typical gummy worm, or you can go the macabre route and grab a few bags of these disgustingly gray gummy maggots. Lay some on top of someone’s dinner for extra hilarity!

Via: Laughing Squid

Toxic Waste Sour Candy

Sure, the notion of eating toxic waste may not scare kids, but it will sure freak out parents. Maybe if you eat enough of this stuff you’ll turn into everyone’s favorite superhero, The Toxic Avenger.

Via: Planet Mut

Bloody Mouth Candy

These innocuous-seeming red suckers actually turn your mouth as bloody as a vampire’s after a fresh kill. Freak out the neighbors!

Via: Gadgets and Gear

Gummy Flesh Fries

Is there anything scarier than an edible human finger? This goes double if it’s gummy, thus giving that slimy feel all of you flesh eaters crave.

Via: Righteous Sweets

Pig Boogers

Pigs exist. Boogers exist. Here is a candy that miraculously combines the two. As an added bonus, these are said to include actual bacon bits on the ingredient list. That’s pretty frightening to vegetarians.


Zombie Pee

If people are buying pig boogers, it seems only natural that zombie pee would be on the market. Wait, do zombies even pee? That would require functioning urinary systems.

Via: Nifty Candy

20-Sided Die Lollipop

Sure, this might not be scary in the traditional sense, but for many children there isn’t anything more horrifying than the dark and treacherous world of nerddom.

Via: Gadgets and Gear

Blood Bag

It’s a bag of blood like you see in the hospital. Warning for prospective vampires: This tastes more like fruit punch and less like iron.

Via: Branded in the 80s

Forkz Eyeball Lollipops

It’s not exactly clear what they are going for here, but anytime an eyeball is pierced by a fork, it is always scary. Although tacking a “z” on to pluralize the name tempers that a bit.

Via: Geek Alerts

Chocka Ca-Ca

Are you at the end of your rope? Do you just not care about anything anymore? Hand out these chocolates meant to resemble baby poop. They come in their very own diapers and everything (really).

Via: Candy Warehouse

Larvets Worm Snax

Sure, these aren’t technically candy, but they are technically worms. That’s right. Flavored worms give the crunch that kids crave!

Via: Redstone Foods