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Bal's Tandoori Masala Recipe
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Oven-Baked Tandoori Chicken 

Bal shows you how to get smoky flavors and juicy meat at home — even if you don’t own a prized clay oven.

Tandoor-Free Tandoori Chicken Recipe

Rachael’s Secret Sauce: Vindaloo 04:47

Rachael loves this make-ahead meal as much for its robust flavor as its versatility. 

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Gluten-Free Indian Dinner: Chicken Masala

Elegant enough for a party but simple enough for a weeknight, Bal's chicken is the go-to GF dish.

Gluten-Free Chicken Masala

25 Ways to Use Cardamom

Find out how to use one of the most-expensive spices in the world, with both sweet and savory applications.

Cardamom Recipes