Dolce: Italian Dessert Recipes

The meal isn’t over in Italy until something sweet, or dolce, hits the tongue. Go simple with fresh fruit and biscotti, or step it up with a rich Italian indulgence.

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Gelato Affogato

Affogato couldn't be easier — just pour some hot espresso over good-quality vanilla ice cream — but the combination of two simple ingredients is an elegant and delicious one.

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Flaky, golden-brown layers of dough melt away to reveal a creamy ricotta filling. Even though a pastry this beautiful looks difficult to make, the prep actually takes less than 30 minutes — waiting for the dough to rest overnight is the longest part of the recipe.

Get the Recipe: Zeppieri's Sfogliatelle


David Rocco's traditional tiramisu is a creamy concoction of layered lady finger cookies, fresh mascarpone, bittersweet chocolate and dark espresso.

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Lemon Ricotta Cookies with Lemon Glaze

Giada's cookies are light and zesty. Creamy ricotta keeps them moist and fresh, while tangy lemon zest balances out the sweet glaze.

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Italian Ice

Make your own Italian ices at home with Giada's simple steps. A little shaved ice, fresh mint, lemon and sweet raspberry syrup and you're good to go!

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Espresso Chocolate Mousse with Orange Mascarpone Whipped Cream

A little bit of espresso powder in the chocolate mousse and orange zest in the whipped cream is all you need to make a fresh and satisfying spin on a dessert favorite.

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Chocolate Sformato with Amaretto Whip Cream

Giada's gorgeous cake is light and airy, delicately flavored with bittersweet chocolate and almond liqueur and festively decorated with toasted, sliced almonds.

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Amaretto Tiramisu for Two

Amaretto liqueur and amaretti cookies are the key ingredients for this easy take on tiramisu, portioned perfectly for two.

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Chocolate Hazelnut Zeppole

Instead of eating an entire jar of chocolate-hazelnut spread by the spoonful, pipe it into homemade zeppole — aka Italian doughnuts.

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Castagnaccio: Chestnut Flour Cake

This unusual cake is thin and crispy, and features an alluring blend of sweet and savory flavors: raisins and orange zest, pine nuts and rosemary.

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Souffle al Cioccolato

David's souffle is elegant and simple; a straightforward affair of high-quality dark chocolate transformed into a delicate and airy dessert.

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Carla's Torta di Ricotta

This delightful tart from David Rocco is filled with ricotta and bittersweet chocolate, and finished off with delicately arranged pear slices. Apricot jam gives it a final layer of flavor and makes everything glisten.

Get the Recipe: Carla's Torta Di Ricotta

Biscotti Di Prato

These biscotti, with raw almonds, orange zest and a light sugar glaze, are crunchy, sweet and absolutely perfect for dipping into a traditional glass of Vin Santo at the end of your meal.

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Risotto al Cioccolator: Chocolate Risotto

This playful dessert takes a typically savory dish and adds milk, sugar, bittersweet chocolate and chopped walnuts to Arborio rice for a rice pudding-style take on risotto.

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Bruti Ma Buoni

These "ugly but good cookies" may look a little rough on the outside, but true to their name are deliciously nutty and just a little bit chocolatey thanks to a mix of toasted hazelnuts and almonds and a touch of cocoa powder.

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Gianluca's Cioccolatini: Chocolate Martini

This romantic, dessert-worthy cocktail is made from vodka and chocolate liqueur. For an elegant presentation, rub the rim of your martini glass with a pear and dip it in finely chopped chocolate.

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Lingue di Gatto: 'Cat Got Your Tongue' Cookie

These playfully named cookies are crisp and sweet, elegant and light as air, and are the perfect touch of sweet to finish any meal.

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Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar

If you're a stranger to this combination, the tangy and slightly sweet nature of balsamic vinegar is a wonderful counterpoint to luscious, fresh strawberries.

Get the Recipe: Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar

Hazelnut Crunch Cake with Mascarpone and Chocolate

This decadent cake uses a timesaving combination of boxed chocolate cake mix and a homemade mascarpone frosting. Top it off with bittersweet chocolate and candied toasted hazelnuts.

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Ricotta With Vanilla-Sugar Croutons and Berries

Creamy ricotta gets some fresh flavor with citrus zest, mint and a little homemade vanilla sugar. Topped with sweet ciabatta croutons, tangy syrup and fresh berries, this is a light and sweet way to end any meal.

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