Mexican Desserts: Churros, Chocolate and More


Whether spicy or rolled in cinnamon sugar, these Mexican sweets are the perfect counterpoint to a fiery chile-loaded meal.


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Mexican Crullers: Churros

These traditional cinnamon-sugar dusted, fried treats are great dipped in hot chocolate.

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Out-Of-This-World Cajeta-Filled Cupcakes

Cajeta — aka the darkest, dreamiest caramel you'll ever taste — elevates these basic vanilla cupcakes to out-of-this-world levels of deliciousness. If you can't find the Mexican goat's-milk caramel, you can substitute any rich caramel sauce.

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Tres Leches Cake

This popular Latin American sponge cake contains three different kinds of milk — condensed, evaporated and heavy cream — which provide moisture without making the cake soggy.

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Double Feature Cupcakes with Mexican Hot Chocolate Frosting

Give chocolate cupcakes a Mexican twist by topping them with a cinnamon and chili powder-spiked chocolate frosting.

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Dos Leches Strawberry Cake

Try Kelsey's Mexican version of strawberry shortcake, with layers of pound cake, sweetened condensed milk, tangy lime-flavored whipped cream and diced strawberries. 

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Mexican Chocolate Milkshake

Mexican chocolate isn't as sweet as most chocolate and it is usually spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and even chiles. Bobby switches things up by serving this traditional hot drink as an ice-cold creamy shake.

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Paletas de Pay de Limon (Lime Pie Ice Pops)

Paletas — cream or water-based ice pops made in a number of creative flavors — are prevalent throughout Mexico. This creamy ice pop contains lime juice and zest (with beautiful green specks to prove it) and crushed graham crackers for both sweetness and crunch.

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Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Dough with cocoa powder, chili powder and cayenne pepper transforms the beverage into sweet and spicy cookies.

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Mini Pumpkin Churros with Chocolate-Coffee Dipping Sauce

These long thin doughnuts are crispy on the outside and light and tender on the inside.

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Coconut Flan

The trick to making flan is to cook it in a water bath; This ensures that gentle heat surrounds the custard so it won't break or curdle. Using coconut milk brings intense flavor and a smooth texture.

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Chocolate-Chile Cake

Follow Daisy’s lead and add a little Mexican flair to fudgy flourless chocolate cake with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

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Cheesecake Flan

Mix cream cheese into this classic Mexican dessert for an even richer take.

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Paletas de Yogurt con Moras (Yogurt Ice Pops with Berries)

These creamy, refreshing ice pops start with a Greek yogurt base and are sweetened with honey, simple syrup and plump, juicy blackberries.

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Capirotada (Gingersnap and Jalapeno Bread Pudding)

Typically served during the Lenten season, capirotada is a Mexican version of bread pudding made with raisins, brioche, cream and cinnamon. This recipe also possesses some spicy heat thanks to  jalapenos and crushed gingersnap cookies. 

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Paletas de Aguacate (Avocado Ice Pops)

Sweetened with sugar and soured with freshly squeezed lime, these unusual ice pops are an avocado experience like you've never had before.

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Sopapillas are deep-fried discs of pastry dough that puff up when they cook. Serve them drizzled with honey or sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

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