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These hearty, red berries are members of the rose family and have grown wild through Europe and America for centuries. They're available year-round in some areas of the country, but peak season is from April to September. Although giant strawberries are attractive and most prevalent in grocery stores, smaller varieties are generally more flavorful because they tend to be less watery. 


These small, smooth-skinned, blue-black berries grow wild through Northern regions of the U.S. and Canada. But you'll most likely find commercially grown varieties (up to four times as large as wild) in stores and markets. Look for local, in-season blueberries from May to early October. They're great in pies, pancakes and jams.

Many raspberry varieties grow throughout the Northern hemisphere, ranging in color from white to pink, orange, purple or black. The soft, juicy berries are often used in sauces and syrups for both sweet and savory dishes. Peak raspberry season is May to September.

Although blackberries in U.S. supermarkets are usually large and purple-black, there are over 2,000 varieties of blackberries ranging in color from red to black. They grow in cooler climates around the world, including North America, Europe and Asia (commonly found in the Himalayan Mountains). In Britain, blackberries are traditionally added to apple pies.

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