5 Tips for Better Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

It's hard to improve upon the classic grilled cheese recipe, but we thought we'd give it a try. Here are three tips for upgrading your grilled cheese sandwich, plus a few new recipes to try out.

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5 Tips for a Better Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  1. Mix a little mayo into the butter that is spread on the outside of the sandwich. This will prevent the sandwich from burning.
  2. Start your sandwich in the oven, open-faced, then finish in a skillet. You'll get ooey, gooey cheese all the way through, plus nice and crispy toast.
  3. Shred your cheese. Two reasons. One is melt-ability: Shredded cheese will melt more evenly and faster. The second is it allows you to combine more than one cheese for the ultimate melt and flavor combination.
  4. Play around with the ingredients. Forget processed American cheese. Try out a variety of different cheese combinations to find what works for you, or work in a signature ingredient like apple slices, bacon or, to go really crazy, macaroni and cheese. 
  5. Let it rest! You won’t burn your mouth on the first bite, and all that delicious precious cheese will stay in the sandwich rather than pour out onto the plate. Don’t wait too long, a few minutes is perfect so your still in that melted range but not quite mouth-blisteringly molten.

New Spins on Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

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