How to Make a Better Cheeseburger

Get our tips for elevating your burger recipe, including out-of-the-box toppings, add-ons and tasty substitutions.

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A good burger starts with a meaty patty and melty cheese, but a great one finishes it off with tasty toppings and awesome add-ons.   

Game-Changing Burger Add-Ons and Ideas:

1. Switch up the bun. It may feel wrong to leave the classic seeded variety behind, but choose a worthy replacement and it can make all the difference. Two of our favorites are a buttery brioche bun and a toasted english muffin.    

2. Top it with homemade pickles, pickled onions or pickled veggies. Pickled anything gives your cheeseburger a vinegary edge that works wonders with the melted cheese and beef. Never pickled before? No worries, check out our ultimate pickling guide.     

3. Ketchup is a great burger condiment, but don't be scared to opt for a bit of mustard instead. It's sharp, pungent flavor pairs well with beef and adds depth to each bite. If you're feeling ambitious, try making your mustard more interesting, like Bobby Flay does with his horseradish mustard.

Great Burger Recipes to Try:

WATCH: Flay vs. Symon: Cheeseburger

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