11 Foods You Need to Freeze, Right Now

If you've ever frozen grapes in the summertime, you're familiar with the surprising way the freezer can transform foods into refreshing (and seemingly more indulgent) snacks. Think outside the vines and try your hand at freezing these 11 foods.

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Gummy Bears

Rather than freezing solid, gummy bears become endlessly –– and addictively –– chewy. 

Yogurt Buttons

Spoon little dollops of your favorite yogurt onto a parchment-paper-lined baking sheet (or use a piping bag for that authentic Dots-like texture) and freeze. Cut the paper into strips and hand them out to the kids (or kids at heart) to peel and eat.

Jell-O Cubes

Freeze Jell-O in an ice cube tray and hand out to partygoers or pool dwellers for a quick, fruity cooldown. (Add booze for a summery take on the Jell-O shot.)

Chocolate-Dipped Cheesecake

Dip cut-up cubes of cheesecake into melted chocolate, place them on a baking sheet and freeze for an instant chocolate shell. Stack them on a serving tray for an impressive party dessert.

Melon Balls

Freeze melon balls and serve the chilled fruit salad poolside or at the playground for an instant (and healthy) icy treat.

Caramel Chews

Freeze caramel chews until they're rock solid, then smash them to bits. Sprinkle onto ice cream or eat them straight, one crunchy-cold bite at a time.

Chocolate-Peanut Candy Bars

Cold makes every ingredient in a variety of candy bars shine: Peanuts taste saltier, caramel becomes chewier and chocolate has a satisfying snap.

Banana Chunks

Bananas are naturally super-sweet treats, and they are still easily biteable when frozen.

Fudge Squares

When frozen, fudge squares become denser and chewier than their room-temperature counterparts. 


Stash those bottles in the freezer for creamy, smooth shots and to create perfectly chilled cocktails that won't get watered down with ice. 

Chocolate-Covered Mint Cookies

Chilling mint makes it even more refreshing, especially when it's encased in a crackly chocolate shell. This surprise will serve you well during a midnight snack freezer raid.