10 No-Cook Summer Meals

Beat the heat this summer with no-cook recipes that will keep your stomach happy and your kitchen cool.

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Caribbean Wrap

This light, colorful summery wrap channels Caribbean flavors with the inclusion of mango chunks and macadamia nuts. Packed with rotisserie chicken and black beans, this high-protein sandwich is as filling as it is flavorful.

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Antipasto Trifle Salad

This take on the classic Italian first course calls for giardienera (a pickled vegetable mix) to be layered with delicatessen meats, artichokes, escarole and fresh tomatoes in a trifle dish so all its delicious components are beautifully displayed.

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Open-Faced Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches with Crab

Add crabmeat and Dijon mustard to your egg salad to give it spicy, savory flavor. Spread it on lightly toasted bite-sized pieces of your favorite bread and eat it as an open-faced sandwich.

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Mushroom Spinach Thai Salad

Lighten up your summer salad by swapping out steak for fresh, meaty portobello mushrooms. Marinate the caps in a sweet Thai dressing with jalapenos for some heat, pour them over a bed of baby spinach leaves, then top them with pickled red onions and sesame seeds for tangy, nutty flavor and crunch.

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Tuna Bean Salad

This colorful plate of veggies and proteins is a light and tasty, but filling, all-in-one meal. A yogurt and tahini dressing serves as a healthier alternative to mayonnaise to complement the tuna and beans.

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Buffalo Mozzarella Bocconcini, Fig and Arugula Salad

Soft white rounds of bocconcini mozzarella made from buffalo's milk pair perfectly with sweet pink, fleshy figs and peppery arugula leaves. Drizzle olive oil and red wine vinegar on top for just a hint of added flavor.

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Scallop Plum Ceviche

In his take on ceviche — a Central and South American staple — Mark Bittman pairs sweet summer plums with scallops. Fresh tarragon and lime zest add flavor and contrasting green color to this dish.

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Antipasto Summer Lettuce Wraps

Kelsey transforms lettuce wraps — typically Asian fare — into an Italian meal by mixing cured meats, mozzarella and vegetables in a honey mustard and red wine vinaigrette dressing and serving the lot with the crisp cups.

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Fresh Scallop and Pineapple Ceviche

Pineapple and maple syrup add sweet flavor to this scallops and striped bass ceviche. Serve it in a martini glass lined with fragrant cilantro and garnish with a sweet potato or plantain chip.

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Roast Beef Sandwich With Horseradish Mayonnaise

Greek yogurt adds characteristic tang and thickness to the horseradish mayo on this sandwich, setting it apart from the one you might buy at the corner deli. If pumpernickel bread isn't your thing, try using hearty multi-grain or whole-wheat bread instead.

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