The Super Heroes of Summer

We crafted some supersized sandwiches, inspired by the biggest superhero blockbuster movies.


This supersized grilled cheese sandwich provides comfort (much like all-American Superman comforts his eager benefactors) and will give you strength with its double dose of protein. Cut a Pullman loaf lengthwise to yield the large rectangular slices and tuck in shards of jalapeno with the cheese before grilling –– because every hero must battle his Kryptonite. The extra heat from the peppers will result in these sandwiches being downed faster than a speeding bullet

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The Lone Ranger

The rugged Old West meets the modern-day Southwest in this mashup sandwich that satisfies as a hearty meal anytime of day. The pairing –– a deconstructed Western omelet atop a twist on the famous New Mexican green chile cheeseburger –– is almost as perfect a duo as Tonto and the Lone Ranger himself.

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The Wolverine

Small in stature but incredibly powerful (tasting), wielding claws and distinctly Canadian, this sandwich perfectly represents the grizzly, impossibly strong Canuck hero. The beer- and gravy-soaked meat and unruly french fries form a poutine-inspired sandwich that satisfies so thoroughly, you'll feel invincible to wounds.

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Messy and wild, much like the cult movie's masked adolescent heroes, this meatball parmigiana sandwich is even more kickin' thanks to cheese-packed meatballs and a spicy tomato sauce. It'll be the Hit(-Girl) of your summer sandwich spread.

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Iron Man

This Iron Man-inspired hero goes literal: Iron-rich beef tenderloin is coated in a panko breadcrumb suit of armor and topped with iron-rich kale. And just as Iron Man is nothing without his paramour, Pepper Potts, this hero is nothing without the roasted bell pepper relish.

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Bonus: Super Smoothie

This all-American red, white and blue smoothie complements Superman's sandwich, but imbibing the patriotic drink on its own will provide a boost of energy and a superhuman ability to cool down on the hottest of days. To achieve the striped colors, simply freeze your glasses for a short while in between pouring the antioxidant-rich layers.

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