10 Cool Grilling Tools to Try

This summer, elevate your backyard barbecue with new tools that make grilling your favorite foods (and cleaning up) easier than ever.

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Meatball Grill Basket

Turn meatballs into summery fare by infusing them with smoky flavor atop the grill. Twelve spherical wells preserve the meatballs’ shape and let fat drip through to the coals as they cook.

brookstone.com; $20.80

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Taylor Bluetooth SmarTemp Thermometer

There's no longer a need to hang around a sweltering grill waiting for your dinner to cook. This bluetooth-enabled device syncs up with your phone using an app to notify you when your food is almost ready, ready or overcooked so you can stay cool inside.

amazon.com; $67.50

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Good Grips Corn Holders

No-slip grips and corkscrew-style prongs ensure that butter-fingered corn eaters have a solid lock on their cobs. The contemporary design offers a refreshing update to old-school, kitschy corn holders, but it’s the compact storage case that makes these a barbecue must. (Your junk drawer will thank you.)

oxo.com; $7.99

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Because the tines of this skewer are flat rather than round, food doesn’t spin when you flip it over. Plus, shorter prongs mean food won’t get mangled when being removed from the skewers after grilling.


fusionbrands.com; $11

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Stuffed Burger Maker and Patty Press

If you continually find yourself with patties that fall flat, this clever kitchen aid acts as your cheat sheet to achieving the ideal burger. The dishwasher-safe 3-piece press and molds help you turn out square sliders, perfectly round patties and oversized gourmet stuffed burgers.

amazon.com; $7.95

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Stainless-Steel Hot Dog Roller

A flick of the cool-touch handle on this handy gadget keeps franks and brats rotating so that they brown evenly (but don’t burn) on the grill. Since you’re able to stack dogs closer to one another than when laying them directly on the grate, it makes feeding a crowd easier, too.

chefscatalog.com; $14.95

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Chef'n Grill'n BBQ Branch Skewer

Taking inspiration from trees, this skewer has multiple prongs, which allows you to make the most of a smaller cooking surface. Isolate ingredients on prongs (or sides) to prevent flavor transfer and have easier control over cooking times.

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Shellfish Rack

This sturdy basket collects oysters, clams and scallops neatly together on the grill and keeps their juices inside the shells. Once they’re done cooking, it’s easy to quickly pull them off the fire — no more rubbery, overdone bivalves.

amazon.com; $15.78

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It's never too dark to tend the grill with these 20-inch locking tongs. A bright LED light shines just where it's needed when it's time to check if your steaks are perfectly done.

amazon.com; $30.27

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Grilling Grate Oiler Brush

Oiling the grill grate is a messy chore: paper towels disintegrate and brushes are sloppy. Made specifically for the task is this gizmo, which has stubby silicone bristles that deliver just the right amount of oil to the cooking surface.

amazon.com; $16.18

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