Planning Tips From a Pro

Stay stress-free while hosting a sophisticated yet laid-back bash with planning tips from entertaining expert, Camille Styles.
Count Down to Your Party, Week by Week

Perfect Party Menus

Kelsey uses quick-cooking techniques to stay out of the kitchen and in the backyard, where she's feasting with friends.
Get Kelsey's Party Menu + Tips

Fun Games + DIY Projects 02:34

Offer guests low-key entertainment, like a classic corhhole game. (You can even get them in on building the board.)
How to Make Your Own Cornhole Game

Summer Classics

Stick a Stick In It

These portable, quick-cooking skewers are ideal party apps or mains.
Peanut-Ginger Chicken

Cross Your Teas

Mix your brewed black teas with fruits and herbs for a summery spin.
Chuck's Peach Iced Tea

Well, Aren't You a Peach?

The juicy, sweet stone fruit reduces to a fruit puree that's ideal for drink-mixing.
Peach Ginger Bellini

Pucker Up

Balance this favorite drink's sweet-tart flavors with earthy herbs and spicy peppers.
Watermelon + Jalapeno