10 Flavored Ice Cube Tricks for Summer

These clever flavored cubes will enhance your drinks when melting rather than watering beverages down.

Ice, Ice Baby

Ice is nice in the summertime, what with it being cold and all. The downside? It melts. Which is bad when you think of the weak, watery mess at the bottom of your iced latte cup. But if you use flavored cubes instead of water-based ones, suddenly the melting becomes a strategic way to change and improve your drinks. Imagine lemonade ice in a glass of chilled oolong. First it's a brisk, bracing tea … then it's an Arnold Palmer. Read on for 10 more inspired ways to melt flavor into your summer drinks. 

Get Your Fruity Fix

Peach Nectar Cubes: Drop a square into a glass of Prosecco for a reverse Bellini.

Apple Juice Cubes: Add to a pitcher of cut-up fruit and wine — white and red both work — for an easy sangria.

Coconut Water Cubes: Rev up a glass of mango nectar with cubes of this ubiquitous thirst-quencher. Or use them to serve rum "on the rocks."

Savory Sippers

Beer Cubes: Chill down your favorite pint. Because the only thing better than beer is more beer.

Pickle Juice Cubes: An irresistible addition to a pitcher of Bloody Marys

Olive Brine Cubes: Drop a small cube into a glass of vodka or gin for the ultimate dirty martini.

Tomato Juice Cubes: Keep a mug of gazpacho perfectly chilled even on a sweltering day.  

Sweeten the Season

Condensed Milk Cubes: Add to iced tea or iced chai for a cheater's version of the uber-sweet Thai iced tea.

Chocolate Milk Cubes: Turn iced coffee into a cool mochalatta with a few chocolatey cubes; whizzing up in the blender, optional.

Whipped Cream Cubes: Float these fluffy squares in chocolate milk for a summerfied version of hot chocolate.