Outdoor Games + Summer Activities Guide

Make the most of the summer sunshine with these games, crafts and edible activities that are best enjoyed outdoors. 

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Let the Games Begin

During the summer, the only party entertainment needed is a beaming sun and a cool body of water. But with the season so ripe for outdoor entertaining, why not take the party one step further with games and activities that are family-friendly and sure to liven the scene? From interactive food spreads to competitive lawn games, here are some fun ways to make your next backyard bash one that won't be soon forgotten.

Craft a Cornhole Toss

Cornhole is the ultimate –– and completely addicting –– backyard sport. Players take turns throwing bean bags at a raised wooden platform with a hole in the far end. A bag in the hole scores three points, while one on the platform scores one. The wooden structures are easy to DIY and can be painted the colors of your choice, which instantly transforms any backyard space into a playing field. 

Watch the Video: Make Your Own Cornhole Game

Swing for Pinata Spoils

Take a cue from south-of-the-border festivities by hanging a brightly colored pinata from a nearby tree or beam. Fill it with your favorite candy or toys, take turns swinging while blindfolded, then race to collect the winnings once the pinata is broken open.

Stage a Spongeball Fight

Great for a wet 'n' wild party on a hot summer day, spongeballs are easily made by cutting kitchen sponges into strips and cinching in the middle with a string or rubber band. The spongeballs make a splash upon impact but are soft enough to throw at friends.

Plant Party Favors

Since they thrive in the heat and need little water, succulents make the perfect summer plants, for indoor and outdoor display. At your next backyard get-together, provide guests with small food cans for pots, succulent plants, soil and marble soil cover, and invite them to plant their own party favors to enjoy all summer long.

Crown the Flower Child

If you happen to have a garden in bloom or wildflower field nearby, make use of the season's bounty by crafting sweet flower crowns. Some floral wire, scissors, flowers and greens are all you’ll need for a fun afternoon filled with laughter, lounging and crafting. 

Personalized Pops

Everyone loves Popsicles in the summer, and guests will have a blast making their own fruit-filled treats. At your next sun-soaked party, use a Popsicle mold to help kids make their own frozen delights with a spread of fruit and fresh juice set out for the picking.

A Scenic Sundae Setting

When it comes to summer entertaining, sundae bars are always gladly received. Set yours up in a shaded area with two to three ice cream flavors and an endless array of toppings for a dessert that pleases the masses and keeps everyone cool.