Weirdest Brunch Restaurants

Brunch: It's not breakfast or lunch, and when you're hung over it tends to take place well after both of them. Brunch is a time to lazily sip on mimosas and hungrily chomp on breakfast fare (or burgers). Not all brunches, however, are created equal. Some are typical, and some, like these, offer plain cool and plain bizarre ways for you to spend your weekend afternoons.

Spoons, Toons and Booze: Nitehawk Cinema — Brooklyn

Nitehawk Cinema, right in the heart of Williamsburg, is one of those cool movie theaters you can eat and drink in. On the occasional weekend, they offer a return to childhood by showing Saturday morning cartoons and offering a full cereal buffet. Yeah, a buffet of cereal. There's also plenty of booze because, well, recapturing the innocence of youth is hard.

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Walking Dead Brunch: Sabrina's Cafe — Philadelphia

Do you want to pretend to be a zombie and mindlessly chant "brainssss" as you dig into a huge plate of eggs and bacon? Of course you do! This weekend brunch has got you covered. With menu staples like Eggs Brainedict and Rick Grimes' Colt Python Pancakes, you can pretend to be undead until the zombie cows come home (or until your stomach is full).

Via: Sabrina's Cafe

Bey Day Brunch: Back Bay Harry's — Boston

Let's be honest: You'll probably never actually get to sit down and have brunch with Beyoncé, so do the next best thing and have brunch inspired by Beyoncé. Even Sasha Fierce herself would enjoy Blue Ivy French Toast and their signature cocktail, Imma Diva. Please note, however, that the restaurateurs suggest you dress bootylicious if you are planning to participate. Really.

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Pajama Brunch: Tremont 647 — Boston

Who says you have to be in your living room to shovel food down your throat in pajamas? This boozy brunch encourages patrons to show up in their finest, and most ridiculous-looking, PJs. Too bad they don't also offer beds so you can take a nap afterward. 

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EDM Brunch: Libation — Manhattan

This brunch seems like something out of a Stefon segment on SNL, but it is most assuredly real: eggs, bacon, seven-and-a-half hours of ear-bleedingly loud electronic music and glow sticks as far as the eye can see. That's the idea behind this Manhattan rave/brunch hybrid thingamajig. If you are the kind of person that simply can't wake up until you see a guy in a banana costume raving to hard bass beats, this is the brunch for you.

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Retro Brunch: The Breakfast Club — Brighton, Mass.

This John Hughes-obsessed diner can't offer detention with the brat pack, but it does offer a series of brunch specials named after high school archetypes, like The Dork and The Jock. Dust off your Chucks and brush up on your Tears For Fears and do breakfast, '80s style.

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Friday Brunch: Madinat Jumeirah — Dubai

America may lay claim to the most brunches, but it doesn't even come close when it comes to the biggest brunches. This hotel in Dubai offers a Friday brunch so massive that customers are handed a map so they can make their way around the dizzying array of food stations. It boasts 65 stations in all, eight bars, something called a candy outpost and a lot more. Now that second Sex in the City movie is starting to make a little more sense.

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Sing-Along Brunch: Gossip Grill — San Diego

Why just talk with egg in your mouth when you could also sing with egg in your mouth? This Sunday brunch is stocked with rotating DJs playing the most-quotable pop songs of all time. It's like karaoke but with more carbs.

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Brunch Baby: Caroline's — Manhattan

You could suffer through your friend's dumb jokes during brunch, or you could just leave the laughter to the professionals. Famous comedy club Caroline's lets you indulge in some stand-up comedy as you indulge in some eggs Benedict. Ah, breakfast food truly is the best medicine.

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Naked Brunch: Rick's Cabaret — Manhattan

Naked Brunch isn't the official name, but it seems apt, considering there are strippers present as you drink coffee and eat toast. Spend $15 and get a meal, a cocktail and, uh, the ability to gaze longingly at a naked lady. Stay classy, New York City.

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DIY Brunch: Your Kitchen — Wherever You Live

Watch Bobby Flay on Brunch @ Bobby's every week to make your own themed brunches at home. Tell some jokes, jam some OMD and wear your pajamas (or nothing at all). In any case, the food will be great.

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