Alie and Georgia's Craziest Cocktails

Mix up your drink routine with crazy cocktail recipes like the Drunken Donuts Cocktail and the Peanut Butter and Jealous Cocktail, from Alie and Georgia.

Photo By: Shane Redsar ©Shane Redsar

Photo By: Shane Redsar ©Shane Redsar

Photo By: Shane Redsar ©Shane Redsar

Photo By: Shane Redsar ©Shane Redsar

Photo By: Shane Redsar ©Shane Redsar

Photo By: Shane Redsar ©Shane Redsar

Photo By: Shane Redsar ©Shane Redsar

Photo By: Shane Redsar ©Shane Redsar

Peanut Butter and Jealous Cocktail

Celebrate the king of sandwiches with this peanut butter and jelly-inspired cocktail. Rim a glass with a peanut butter-honey mixture and fill it with a refreshingly sweet and tart cranberry- and raspberry-flavored drink.

Get the Recipe: Peanut Butter and Jealous Cocktail

Hari Kari Me Home Cocktail

Lose the chopsticks and kick up the heat with Alie and Georgia's Hari Kari Cocktail. Add as much wasabi as you can handle to this sushi-in-a-glass concoction, and garnish with some roe and ginger for the perfect finish.

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Mrs. B's Secret Cocktail

What's Mrs. B's big secret? She can help you turn breakfast into a cocktail. Garnish it with a piece of waffle and drift into a state of morning bliss.

Get the Recipe: Mrs. B's Secret Cocktail

Melon Baller

Raise a glass to Italy with this melony, green cocktail. Garnish your combo of bubbly Italian Prosecco and melon liqueur with a customary Italian New Year's bite — a prosciutto-wrapped melon ball.

Get the Recipe: Melon Baller

Drunken Donuts Cocktail

Take your coffee break to a whole new level with this caffeinated cocktail. Mixing some of America's favorite stimulant with flavored liqueurs, reminiscent of your favorite coffee shop, will give you the perfect buzz. And for garnish: a donut hole, of course!

Get the Recipe: Drunken Donuts Cocktail

Coconut Blurry Curry Cocktail

Blend together an exotic combination of Thai flavors for a get-away in the form of a frozen cocktail. Green curry powder adds a spicy kick to the beachy flavors of coconut rum and milk, rounded off with some sweet simple syrup in Alie and Georgia's curried creation.

Get the Recipe: Coconut Blurry Curry Cocktail

Chocolate Cherry Bomb

Alie and Georgia's Chocolate Cherry Bomb combines the decadent sweetness of chocolate liqueur and syrup with the spicy heat of red pepper vodka and Sriracha hot sauce in an explosive cocktail.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Cherry Bomb

The Tipsy Pig Cocktail

Alie and Georgia put a meaty spin on a classic cocktail. Do up the Manhattan a whole new way by adding homemade bacon brown sugar simple syrup to the mix.

Get the Recipe: The Tipsy Pig Cocktail

5-Spice On Ice

Spice things up with this warm caramel-colored concoction. Smash a whole kumquat in the bottom of a lowball glass and let its tangy juices mingle with homemade five-spice simple syrup, bitters, spiced rum and a splash of Fernet (a bitter, aromatic spirit).

Get the Recipe: 5-Spice on Ice

Umami Elixir Cocktail

Engage your fifth gustatory sensation that's slightly off the beaten path: umami. Mix a splash of vermouth with less-conventional cocktail ingredients — truffle oil and garlic-infused vodka — and garnish with anchovies for the ultimate elixir.

Get the Recipe: Umami Elixir Cocktail

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