Best Sangria Recipes


It's easy to see why sangria is a hot-weather favorite: It's cool, refreshing and full of fresh summer fruit. Get our best recipes for this Spanish sipper.


Photo By: Stephen Murello ©Stephen Murello

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Photo By: Stephen Murello ©Stephen Murello

Photo By: Stephen Murello ©Stephen Murello

Photo By: Stephen Murello ©Stephen Murello

Tequila Sangria

This beautiful take on sangria gets its kick from tequila instead of brandy. Mix it up with fruit and juice, then top off with your favorite Spanish red wine.

Get the Recipe: Tequila Sangria

Extra Virgin Sangria

Sangria, Extra Virgin-style, includes brandy, vanilla, cloves and cinnamon. Debi and Gabrielle recommend Cannonau wine from Sardinia, Italy, but you can use any medium-bodied red wine.

Get the Recipe: Sangria

White Sangria

This white sangria goes down easy, but packs a real punch. Instead of diluting your punch with ice, put out an ice bucket so people can fill their glasses just before they serve themselves.

Get the Recipe: White Sangria

Ruby Red Sangria

This red wine sangria gets another boost of red color from pomegranate juice. Add pomegranate kernels to each glass alongside pears and starfruit.

Get the Recipe: Red Ruby Sangria

Peach Sangria

This simple take on sangria relies on the flavor of juicy, ripe peaches. Mix the grated fruit with sweet Riesling and top with fresh mint.

Get the Recipe: Peach Sangria

Santana Sangria Punch

Combine flavorful summer fruits (sweet black cherries and peaches) with the classic sangria lineup for a simple, summer-perfect drink.

Get the Recipe: Santana Sangria Punch

Splashy Sangria

To get your sangria fix without a crowd, mix up this individually-sized batch, complete with your own personal fruit skewer. Don't worry — you can always make seconds.

Get the Recipe: Splashy Sangria

Champagne Sangria

Mix champagne and white wine with spices and pear slices for a light, bubbly take on sangria.

Get the Recipe: It's a Wonderful Sangria

Sangria Sunrise

Bobby's fruit-filled take on sangria is equally delicious at brunch or for a mid-afternoon refresher.

Get the Recipe: Sangria Sunrise

Sparkling Wine Sangria (Sangria de Cava)

Daisy Martinez stirs up her sparkling sangria with fresh berries and adds an extra kick with peach brandy.

Get the Recipe: Sparkling Wine Sangria (Sangria de Cava)

Tropical Sangria

Bobby makes his sangria tropical with passion fruit nectar, light rum, sauvignon blanc and lemongrass.

Get the Recipe: Tropical Sangria

Non-Alcoholic Sangria

For those who'd rather sip their sangria sans alcohol, try this festive spritzer with white cranberry and orange juices and orange and pineapple chunks.

Get the Recipe: Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Red and White Sangria Pops

Inspired by Spanish sangria, these adult pops are fun, refreshing and simple to prepare.

Get the Recipe: Red and White Sangria Pops

Sinless Sangria

Kelsey's virgin sangria starts with a sparkling grape juice base, plus cranberry, lime and orange juices for sweet tang and color. She mixes in strawberries, citrus and mint, but you can feel free to use any on-hand fruit and fresh herbs.

Get the Recipe: Sinless Sangria

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