Slow-Cooker Secrets

Kelsey shows how versatile the slow cooker can be by prepping pulled pork for both tacos and summer rolls, and making everything from breakfast to dessert.
Make Kelsey's Top-Rated Pork

Around the World in 80 Bowls

Italian Immersion

These Italian broths are blank slates for their noodle, meat and aromatic add-ons.
Stracciatella with Meatballs

French Flavors

Mirepoix –– the carrot, celery and onion broth-starter –– forms the base of these traditional French dishes.
Kelsey's Cassoulet

Cajun Comforts

Smoked sausage and seafood spike these thick Southern stews.
Mixed Seafood Gumbo

Mexican Heat

These chile-laden bowls will warm you from the inside out with their fiery flavor.
Red Pork Posole