Bobby Deen's Tips for Healthier Living

Bobby Deen shares 10 tips for leading a healthier, happier life by making good choices for the mind, body and spirit.

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10 Tips for Healthier Living

I try to live the best life every day by making smart choices. It’s not always easy and I don’t always succeed, but I try. Over time, as I’ve made everyday attempts to become more mindful about my health, I have gained more energy and confidence, and I’ve been better prepared to face life’s inevitable challenges. I truly believe that life’s biggest rewards come from the small choices we make on a daily basis.

I’ve pulled together my top 10 tips for healthier living to share with y’all. These aren’t commandments for fitness nuts; they’re guideposts for people like us, simply trying to do our best.

Work It

You’ve been told a million times how important it is to exercise — and this makes it a million and one. There isn’t a good excuse not to. You don’t have to join a gym or start a rigid program, but you can do something every day, anywhere. I run three miles every day and lift weights, but I didn’t get here overnight. Walking, squeezing in a few pushups or jumping jacks — this can all add up to improved fitness. And as you reach your goals, you’ll find yourself wanting to reach even higher.


Because I travel so much for work, it’s hard for me to set a regular sleep pattern, but it’s so important. My wife, Claudia, is very good at this. When she has a 6am run planned, she goes to bed earlier. Prior planning means having fuel in the tank when you need it most.

Drink Up

I love beer as much as the next guy, but water is what sustains us. I make a habit of drinking a gallon jug every day that I can. I also drink a glass of water before every meal to dull my appetite so I don’t overeat. My wife taught me to begin each day with a detoxifying glass of warm water with fresh-squeezed lime juice. Let’s just say it’s a cleanser, if you know what I mean.

Tend to Relationships

Don’t take the people you love for granted. Even if I can only carve out 30 minutes to talk with my wife, I make sure I do it every day. We turn off the TV and engage in each other’s life.

Make Sacrifices

Where food is concerned, there are some small sacrifices you can make in order to eat healthier. For example, Greek yogurt is a great substitute for sour cream, heavy cream or mayonnaise. You can also exchange mayonnaise with creamy avocados, which are loaded with healthy fats that we need. Over time, small substitutions add up to big savings.

Get Educated

Know what you’re putting into your body because advertising can be deceiving. Not all fats are bad and not all low-fat foods are healthy. It was Dr. Oz who taught me that fat-free milk is essentially sugar water, and that we need the fat in order to digest it.

Eat the Rainbow

A culinary producer gave me this advice on set one day. If you avoid white, starchy foods and instead fill your plate with all kinds of color, you’re more likely to get the right balance of vitamins and fiber in your diet.

See Your Doc

I make a point of getting a regular physical. Preventative care saves us in the long run, but seeing my doctor also inspires me to continue to make healthy choices because he can measure where I’ve come from (and believe me, I’ve come a long way since my “husky” days). The biggest payoff is when my doctor smiles and says, “Bobby, just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Follow the 80/20 Rule

To live a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain, I spend 80 percent of the time doing what I need to do, like exercising and eating right, and then 20 percent of the time doing what I want.


It’s important to know the difference between what you want and what you need. I want to have six-pack abs and be 6 feet, 4 inches tall, but that’s not going to happen. I’m topped out at 5 feet, 8 inches, I’m never gonna run a 5:40 mile and I’m never going to be a wide receiver in the NFL. So instead, I need to make sure I’m the best me I can be by prioritizing what matters most. For me to have a balanced life, I need fulfilling work, love and play. So far, so good.