The Craziest Diets in Movies and Television

There sure are some wacky diets out there. After all, there was once a popular diet that suggested you drink liquor with each and every meal, breakfast not excluded. However, in this case, fiction may be even stranger than fact. Here are a bunch of the weirdest diets ever featured on TV and in the movies.

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Gremlins –– The-No-Food-After-Midnight Diet

Sure, avoiding late-night snacks is a sensible part of a healthy lifestyle. What happens if you fall off the wagon and grab a slice at 1 in the morning? You’ll pack on a few calories. You won’t, however, shed your skin, turn evil and destroy your local town.

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Little Miss Sunshine –– The No-Ice Cream Diet

Several characters in this popular film are convinced that completely avoiding ice cream is the singular ticket to a slim figure. You can gorge on nachos morning, noon and night, but as long as there isn’t a sundae in there you’ll be fit as a fiddle. 

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Elf –– The All-Candy Diet

Will Ferrell’s titular elf eats only from the four main food groups: candy, candy corn, candy canes and, of course, syrup. There must be something in that cold Antarctic air that fights off adult-onset diabetes.

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Signs –– The Must-Avoid-Water-at-All-Costs-and-Yet-Still-Feel-Compelled-to-Invade-a-Planet-That-Is-Composed-Mostly-of-It Diet

The big twist in M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs? Aliens are really, really (really) stupid.

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ALF –– The Cat Diet

Feisty felines would be the only thing on the menu at any restaurant ALF would frequent. The only problem? His adoptive human family wouldn’t let him get his Melmacian hands on any –– earthlings and their pesky regard for cats!


Fraggles –– The Doozer Stick Diet

Jim Henson’s lovable Fraggles aren’t so lovable when you consider they only ate Doozer sticks. What’s the big deal? Doozer sticks, made from radish dust, were the primary building blocks of a smaller race of creatures called Doozers. So, yeah –– every time the big guys got hungry they destroyed a part of civilization. Really nice, Fraggles. Really nice.

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Popeye –– The Spinach Diet

Robert Altman’s classic is one of the best cinematic adaptations of a comic ever. Of course, in true Popeye fashion, he dines on a diet that mostly includes canned spinach and weirdly does not include fresh spinach at all.

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Groundhog Day –– The Eat-Anything-You-Want-Because-It-Doesn't-Matter-Anyway Diet

What would living the same day over and over again with absolutely no repercussions do for your culinary restraint? If this movie is any indication, you’d order every single item on the menu and go to town. Sigh. If only life were that simple.

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Demolition Man –– The All-Taco Bell Diet

Due to some kind of apocalyptic snafu, the only restaurant left in this dystopian future is Taco Bell. The movie's supposed to take place in a city with no crime, but they evidently use a very narrow definition.

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District 9 –– The Cat Food Diet

The aliens in District 9, rudely nicknamed Prawns, have one culinary weakness: cat food. That’s right. Cat food. Perhaps their planet is in the same galaxy as ALF's.

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