Cooking Channel All-Stars' Healthy Lifestyle Tips

We asked Cooking Channel stars how they get a fresh start to the new year and maintain a healthy lifestyle year-round.

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Chuck Hughes

"I don’t drink at all. In that respect it’s easy for me to keep control because ... if you drink more, you eat more. Then [for] the food, I go for the good stuff. My mom’s going to have hot buttered rolls [around the holidays], and I want those hot buttered rolls, but I know there’s [also going to be] stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and I stick to that. I try to tell people all the time to avoid the filler. Moderation is the most-important thing in life, but it’s also the best perspective. Instead of having 22 cocktail shrimp, have one or two and move on to the next thing. And you’ll realize that when you slow down a little bit ... you don’t need as much."

Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos

Gabriele: "I detox every time I have a hangover — for 24 hours. Then I stop. My detox is that I drink beer instead of wine!"


Debi: "I juice every day. So by New Year's I start saying to myself, 'I’m going to eat less of this or less of that,' but for the most part I just try to juice, and maybe I’ll do a cleanse or [a fast] for a couple of days, but that’s about it. We actually keep pretty healthy, but I’ve been juicing a lot. A good mix is kale, cucumber, parsley, a little bit of pineapple, a half of an apple, a whole lemon, flax seed oil and something called maca powder, an ancient Indian powder that’s really good for women and balancing hormones."


G. Garvin

"Interestingly enough, I’m a pretty healthy eater throughout the year. I actually eat even better during the holiday season. With Road Trip, I don’t eat a lot of what I eat on TV in my leisure [time]. So my detox, really, is every week, because if I’m eating pork butt or baby back ribs for the show, when I come home it’s a lot of fish. So my detox regimen is pretty much [eating] lots and lots of seafood and vegetables. It’s a must."

Kelsey Nixon

"I always like to say that my husband and I are the funnest people you’ll ever meet that don’t drink, but we make up for the drinking with lots of sweets eating. We both have a sweet tooth. I think one thing I do in January is I get really good about meal planning [and] cooking more at home. I tend to nest a little bit, and I do a lot of home cooking and recipe testing. I think I’m a little bit more aware of what we’re eating, and I always love that in January citrus is in season. I start using a lot of lemon to ... brighten things up after so much heavy food [during] the holidays."

Bobby Deen

"I maintain my lifestyle. My wife, Claudia, and I run and lift every day. Our routine is the same in the winter, but our calorie intake goes up. In January I just try to reverse that and bring it way down."

Mo Rocca

"I do a lot of things. I’ll change all of my passwords. It’s a good time to do stuff like that. I’ll make sure that my driver’s license address is actually a place that I’m living, and if it’s not, I’ll fill out the forms to do that. I’ll make sure everything is on autopay. I’ll refill prescriptions. I’ll make sure that my passport isn’t expired, in case I need to leave the country at a moment’s notice. Just housekeeping stuff. I eat a lot of nuts, and that will keep me regular. If that’s what you mean?"