Weight-Loss Recipes from Drop 5 lbs with Good Housekeeping

Get the top weight-loss recipes from Cooking Channel's Drop 5 Lbs with Good Housekeeping, including healthy dinners, low-calorie lunches, lighter desserts and more.

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Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: David Clancy ©2011, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: David Clancy ©2011, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: David Clancy ©2011, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: David Clancy ©2011, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: David Clancy ©2011, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Huevos Rancheros

Hot sauce and chopped tomatoes add immense flavor to this Mexican classic, which is loaded with protein-rich eggs and beans.

Get the Recipe: Huevos Rancheros

Soba Noodles with Shrimp, Snow Peas and Carrots

Instead of carb-heavy pasta, opt for lighter soba noodles, made with buckwheat flour. A dash of cayenne pepper sauce gives the plate — loaded with shrimp, snow peas and shredded carrots — a surprising kick.

Get the Recipe: Soba Noodles with Shrimp, Snow Peas, and Carrots

Warm Quinoa Salad with Toasted Almonds

For doubly nutty flavor in this recipe, toast quinoa until golden and add toasted almond slivers just before serving. This quinoa salad, tossed in sesame oil and fresh ginger, is most fragrant when eaten straight from the stovetop.

Get the Recipe: Warm Quinoa Salad with Toasted Almonds

Texas Chicken Burgers

These light chicken burgers get hit with a double dose of flavor from the shredded vegetables and the smoky, deep spices.

Get the Recipe: Texas Chicken Burgers

Cauliflower Mac 'n' Cheese

Pureed cauliflower mimics the silky smooth quality of cheese sauce in this healthy mac, which is lighter than the original thanks to reduced-fat cream cheese and a measured portion of grated Parmesan.

Get the Recipe: Cauliflower Mac 'n' Cheese

Healthy Seven Layer Dip

Dips are notorious diet killers –– but not this lower-calorie version, which contains fresh vegetables and low-fat dairy.

Get the Recipe: Healthy Seven Layer Dip

Sweet and Sassy Nuts

Turn heart-healthy nuts into an irresistible snack by coating them in a simple mix of brown sugar, cinnamon and ground chipotle.

Get the Recipe: Sweet and Sassy Nuts

Spicy Ginger Chicken in Lettuce Cups

It takes only half an hour to whip up this refreshing and versatile meal. Simply mix browned chicken with diced vegetables, then dress the lot in a spicy ginger sauce.

Get the Recipe: Spicy Ginger Chicken in Lettuce Cups

Thai-Style Coconut Chicken with Snow Peas

Lime zest and low-sodium fish sauce cut the heaviness of this creamy Thai standard, which features leaner, healthier chicken breast meat instead of thighs.

Get the Recipe: Thai-Style Coconut Chicken with Snow Peas

Classic Oven Fries

Simply toss potato wedges in olive oil, salt and pepper, then roast until tender and crisp. Be sure to try the lemony-garlic variation of this recipe or the spicy cayenne-kissed version.

Get the Recipe: Classic Oven Fries

Simple Sangria

This pretty pink-hued cocktail is full of fruit and is figure-friendly. Mix red wine and brandy with fresh orange juice, nectarines, citrus fruit and refreshing cucumber slices. Allow the flavors to sit and develop for a few hours before topping with fizzy seltzer.

Get the Recipe: Simple Sangria

Salmon Over Sweet and Sour Cabbage

Get your fill of Omega-3 oils and vitamin C with this dish — it's healthy and satisfying, with a slightly sweet touch from the braised cabbage with blackberries.

Get the Recipe: Salmon over Sweet and Sour Cabbage

Curried Chicken and Mango Salad

Since this yogurt-based curry sauce is filled with chunks of rotisserie chicken, sweet mango and apple, this dish is both healthy and incredibly flavorful.

Get the Recipe: Curried Chicken and Mango Salad

Pasta Primavera

This Pasta Primavera highlights crisp spring vegetables, such as grape tomatoes, asparagus and zucchini, for a refreshing, light dish with bright colors and aromatic herbs.

Get the Recipe: Pasta Primavera

Apple Oat Muffin

Oats and grated fresh apples are hearty and healthful additions to these cinnamon-scented muffins that are great to grab on the go.

Get the Recipe: Apple Oat Muffin

Spanish Chicken and Rice

The best part of this comforting baked chicken on a bed of seasoned rice and vegetables is that you can freeze it to enjoy later, to ease your busy schedule.

Get the Recipe: Spanish Chicken and Rice

Chicken Pot Pie

Nothing is quite as comforting as Chicken Pot Pie. This version — loaded with chicken and tender vegetables baked under a flaky phyllo dough topping — has only 330 calories and 5 grams of fat per serving.

Get the Recipe: Chicken Pot Pie

Linguini with Carrot Turkey Ragu

Turn this pasta dish into a guiltless pleasure by combining thin ribbons of shaved carrots with whole-wheat linguine and topping them with a hearty turkey ragu.

Get the Recipe: Linguini with Carrot Turkey Ragu

Flounder with Corn and Tomatoes

Steaming this fresh fish in parchment paper, a healthy technique called en papillote, will result in a delicate, moist fish gently flavored with lemon, leek and thyme.

Get the Recipe: Flounder with Corn and Tomatoes

Apple-Oat Crisp

Baking apples is a great way to incorporate fresh fruit in a healthful dessert that doesn’t need a lot of added sugar. The crisp Granny Smith apples become tender and aromatic when baked under a cinnamon-and-oat topping. 

Get the Recipe: Apple-Oat Crisp

Whole Grain Gingersnaps

This recipe uses whole-wheat flour, adding a little extra fiber and nuttiness to the gingersnap cookie fragrant with cinnamon and molasses.

Get the Recipe: Whole Grain Gingersnaps

Pad Thai

Cooking pad thai at home is so easy and lets you control the ingredients. This version, made with rice noodles, shrimp, fresh lime juice, fish sauce and bean sprouts, has only 465 calories per serving.

Get the Recipe: Pad Thai

Pulled Pork Sandwich

This pulled pork, made out of pork tenderloin rather than fattier pork shoulder, is rubbed in smoky spices and steamed until fork-tender. Serve on a whole-wheat bun with a vinegar-based slaw.

Get the Recipe: Pulled Pork Sandwich

Caesar Salad

The lightened-up Caesar dressing swaps out the traditional egg yolks with light mayonnaise but creates a classic flavor as delicious as any you've tried.

Get the Recipe: Caesar Salad

Chocolate Dream Ice Cream

A bit of indulgence doesn’t have to leave you feeling guilty. For a sweet treat that doesn't pack on the calories, sprinkle any of the following toppings on some low-fat ice cream: chocolate bar, chocolate chips, peppermint patty or crumbled chocolate wafers.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Dream Ice Cream

Red Lentil and Vegetable Soup

Lentil soup is a great way to pack protein and vegetables into a quick, flavorful meal.

Get the Recipe: Red Lentil and Vegetable Soup

Chipotle-Orange-Glazed Salmon

This zesty salmon is a cinch to make and offers the bold and refreshing flavors of orange and chipotle chiles. For a complete meal, serve on a quinoa pilaf studded with crunchy radishes, corn, cilantro and green onions.

Get the Recipe: Chipotle-Orange-Glazed Salmon

Pistachio and Tart Cherry Chocolate Bark 

Pack chocolate bark in decorative boxes to give as delicious gifts. This bark is drizzled with white chocolate and loaded with nutty pistachios and sweet, tangy dried cherries.

Get the Recipe: Pistachio and Tart Cherry Chocolate Bark

Black Bean Soup

Enjoy this wonderfully simple soup in just minutes when you simmer protein-rich black beans with allspice, low-sodium chicken broth and salsa. (Adjust the spiciness according to your personal preferences.) Serve with a dollop of reduced-fat sour cream on top, a light side salad and tortilla chips.

Get the Recipe: Black Bean Soup


For a leaner meatloaf that doesn't lack flavor, combine ground turkey, vegetables and whole-wheat breadcrumbs, then bind them together with fat-free milk and egg whites. Enjoy this hearty and wholesome meatloaf with asparagus and a baked potato for a complete, well-balanced meal.

Get the Recipe: Meat Loaf

Chunky Vegetable-Bulgur Salad

Bulgur wheat, a Middle Eastern grain that is high in fiber and protein, is the perfect complement to lightly sauteed vegetables for a nutritious and healthful salad.

Get the Recipe: Chunky Vegetable-Bulgur Salad

Strawberry Ice Cream

This guiltless four-ingredient strawberry ice cream is a mere 70 calories per serving with less than half a gram of saturated fat. The delicious secret? Greek yogurt lends a creamy texture, and fresh strawberries with a touch of sugar complete this sweet and satisfying dessert.

Get the Recipe: Strawberry Ice Cream

Asparagus-Romano Frittata

A frittata is a delicious way to eat a healthy dose of vegetables for breakfast. This rich, cheesy frittata may be a dieter's splurge, but it is packed with springy asparagus and green onions.

Get the Recipe: Asparagus-Romano Frittata

Quick Multi-Grain Cereal (5-Minute Microwave Method for 1)

A quick breakfast doesn't have to mean a bowl of sugary cereal. Start your morning off with this hot cereal containing a medley of fiber-rich whole grains like barley, bulgur and oats. It's ready in just five minutes and is packed with textured raisins and walnuts.

Get the Recipe: Quick Multi-Grain Cereal (5-Minute Microwave Method for 1)

Morning Glory Muffins

These hearty, wholesome muffins have it all: Applesauce, whole oats, molasses, shredded carrots, dried plums and a touch of aromatic cinnamon create rich muffins best eaten warm from the oven.

Get the Recipe: Morning Glory Muffins

Frosty Cappuccino

Those cold, blended espresso drinks you get at coffee shops are often laden with excessive amounts of sugar and calories. This homemade version, made with low-fat milk and a touch of chocolate syrup, is only 105 calories per serving and won't leave you feeling guilty (about the calories or the cost).

Get the Recipe: Frosty Cappuccino

Balsamic Roasted Pork with Berry Salad

Satisfying and slimming, this salad pairs roasted pork tenderloin with potassium-rich produce — including strawberries, blackberries and baby spinach — which helps keep blood pressure in check. Toss with a no-fuss mustard vinaigrette that whisks together in minutes.

Get the Recipe: Balsamic Roasted Pork with Berry Salad

Sweet Sip of Youth

Berries and chilled green tea are a delicious, all-natural combo that is restorative for skin. Compounds in green tea may help guard against the sun's damaging rays, while berries provide a hit of wrinkle-reducing nutrients.

Get the Recipe: Sweet Sip of Youth

Healthy French Toast

This French toast is made with low-fat milk and egg whites, so even when it's topped with berries and syrup, it still has fewer than 400 calories per serving.

Get the Recipe: Healthy French Toast

Chicken and White Bean Chili

Feel free to top this chili — loaded with hearty veggies, beans and lean ground chicken — with low-fat cheddar, reduced-fat sour cream and a few tortilla chips.

Get the Recipe: Chicken and White Bean Chili

Caribbean Wrap

Spicy and sweet, this tropical wrap is packed with lean, tasty and nutritious fillings like black beans, chicken breast, mango and macadamia nuts.

Get the Recipe: Caribbean Wrap

Lighter Brownies

Yes, you can even enjoy brownies while trying to lose weight. This lighter recipe eliminates butter, gains flavor from instant coffee powder and relies on egg whites for binding.

Get the Recipe: Lighter Brownies

Horseradish Salmon

This recipe's spicy low-calorie panko breadcrumb crust enhances salmon's flavor, and it makes the Omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish perfect for pairing with a cucumber and baby spinach salad.

Get the Recipe: Horseradish Salmon

Chicken Breasts with Apple-Curry Sauce

Sauces can be silent diet killers, packing sugar and calories, but not this apple-curry chutney. Pour it over chicken, steamed broccoli and wild rice for a hearty, balanced meal.

Get the Recipe: Chicken Breasts with Apple-Curry Sauce

Low-Fat Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi

Low-fat and creamy rarely go hand in hand, but with 1 percent milk, cornstarch and a touch of Parmesan, this cavatappi is both.

Get the Recipe: Low-Fat Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi

Sesame Shrimp and Asparagus Stir-Fry

Homemade stir-fries are an easy, much-healthier dinner option than takeout. This tasty shrimp and asparagus recipe has great flavor thanks to sesame seeds and fresh grated ginger.

Get the Recipe: Sesame Shrimp and Asparagus Stir-Fry

Pomegranate-Berry Smoothie

Enjoy this quick and easy nutrient-packed smoothie at home, or blend up a glass and have breakfast on the go.

Get the Recipe: Pomegranate-Berry Smoothie

Granola Bars

Made with less sugar and loaded with dried cranberries, old-fashioned oats, chopped walnuts, wheat germ and honey, these granola bars are a healthy, super-tasty snack or fortifying breakfast.

Get the Recipe: Granola Bars

Guiltless Guacamole

The secret to guiltless guacamole? Bulking up your dip with white beans, plum tomatoes and sweet onions to reduce the amount of avocado used. Serve it with baked chips or veggies instead of greasy bagged chips.

Get the Recipe: Guiltless Guacamole

Red-Cooked Chicken with Assorted Vegetables

The sweet and spicy glaze in this Asian-style chicken recipe may be richly hued, but it's a low-fat topper to this high-protein vegetable-packed dish.

Get the Recipe: Red-Cooked Chicken with Assorted Vegetables

Low-Fat Tomato Basil Dressing

This light and fresh dressing, with hearty tomato juice, fresh basil, red wine vinegar and a dash of tangy Dijon mustard, enhances veggies and salads without weighing them down like creamy dressings.

Get the Recipe: Low-Fat Tomato Basil Dressing

Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies

With brown sugar, old-fashioned oats and semisweet chocolate chips, these cookies have the same rich flavor and hearty texture you want, without all that butter you don't need.

Get the Recipe: Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Poached Pears with Fresh Ginger

Naturally sweet pears become a high-calorie dessert when drowned in sugary syrups. Instead, poach yours with an orange peel, cinnamon and fresh ginger for a nicely spiced fat-free treat that's low in sugar and requires only five ingredients.

Get the Recipe: Poached Pears with Fresh Ginger

Kale "Chips"

Crunchy, crispy baked kale is a surprisingly tasty alternative to chips, and kale is a nutrient-packed superfood. Try eating baked kale as an afternoon snack, or round out your dinner plate with this nicely salted side.

Get the Recipe: Kale "Chips"

White Bean Hummus

Thanks to a white bean base, this light, lemony hummus has fewer calories and a quarter of the fat of its chickpea-based counterpart.

Get the Recipe: White Bean Hummus

Low-Fat Creamy Chive Dressing

Bottled dressings are often laden with sugar and additives, quickly turning your "healthy" salad into a high-calorie meal filled with preservatives. With Greek yogurt, low-fat mayo and apple cider vinegar, this creamy chive dressing is healthier, cheaper and tastier.

Get the Recipe: Low-Fat Creamy Chive Dressing

Waldorf Salad

This Waldorf Salad, made with fat-free yogurt instead of mayo, plus crunchy, nutritious broccoli slaw, is much lighter than the classic comfort dish. Seedless grapes, Granny Smith apples and crumbled blue cheese make it as sweet and tasty as the original.

Get the Recipe: Waldorf Salad

Low-Fat Chocolate Pudding

You'll never know that this chocolate pudding, made with skim milk and less sugar, is a slimmed-down version of the decadent dessert.

Get the Recipe: Low-Fat Chocolate Pudding

Salmon Cakes

These six-ingredient salmon cakes are easy to make and healthier, since they're made with cooking spray instead of frying oil. Eat them alone as a snack, or add asparagus and pita chips for a well-balanced lunch.

Get the Recipe: Salmon Cakes

Peppery Chickpeas

High in protein and leaner than meat, chickpeas are a great addition to any diet. Toss them with olive oil, salt, ground red pepper and Italian seasoning for a filling snack or salad topping.

Get the Recipe: Peppery Chickpeas

Spinach and Tortellini

Nutrient-rich spinach, peas, cherry tomatoes and portobello mushrooms bulk up this cheese tortellini dish.

Get the Recipe: Spinach and Tortellini

Steak Fajita Wraps

Filled with avocado, flank steak and reduced-fat cheddar, these hearty fajita wraps are the leaner yet still-tasty side of Mexican food.

Get the Recipe: Steak Fajita Wraps

Low-Fat Sesame-Orange Dressing

All-natural ingredients, like fresh orange juice, rice vinegar, reduced-sodium soy sauce and just a dash of sesame oil, compose this lower-fat Asian-inspired dressing.

Get the Recipe: Low-Fat Sesame-Orange Dressing