Waffle Bar Holiday Brunch (With Recycled Paper Decorations!)

Go "green" this Christmas in an new way: Turn recycled paper into beautiful decor to set the stage for an indulgent brunch featuring a Belgian waffle bar.

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Pulp Fashion

Tired of feeling the pressure to purchase the latest expensive holiday decor year after year? With a little creativity, turn paper products you already have –– pages from old books, magazines or wrapping paper –– into your own entirely original, budget-friendly decor. Set them against an icy blue backdrop for your very own winter wonderland.

Here's How:

To host your own recycled paper Christmas brunch, you'll need just five essential ingredients: fresh berries, paper flags, Belgian waffles, salvaged paper and hot cocoa with toppings.

Snow(y) Cones

Create your own recycled paper "tree" using pages from an old book and a stapler. Staple each page into a loose cone shape, then staple the cones at their points into rings of increasing diameter (adding a few cones to each layer). Finally, stack the rings to create a tree and a festive bow at the top.

Waffle All the Way

A Belgian waffle bar always makes for an easy and fun brunch activity. Guests can customize their waffles –– which require minimal prep work –– using toppings of their choice. And who can resist that intoxicating smell of the batter gently crisping?

Flag Day

The paper theme carries through into the smallest details with these simple flag toothpicks made from recycled book pages. Stuffed into stacks of waffles, they bring a little whimsy to each person's plate.

Berry Clever

A few storebought toppings like fresh berries, chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate-hazelnut spread, maple syrup and powdered sugar look elegant when removed from their original packaging and displayed in pretty containers.

To Each Their Own

I love creating a menu that incorporates build-your-own foods for casual events. It gives guests something fun to do and eliminates any dietary issue or picky-eating surprises.

Cozy Cocoa

Mugs of hot chocolate garnished with marshmallows and candy canes give this brunch a comforting holiday feel.

Black, White and Read All Over

Add a lot of charm and a bit of mystery to the gifts under your tree this year by wrapping them in paper from a vintage book or magazine.

Hang It Up

Create simple bunting using blue ribbon and pages from a book and hang it behind the Belgian waffle buffet and on walls throughout the party room. 

Have a Ball

Create keepsake ornaments by covering old Christmas ornaments with salvaged paper. They look great hanging on a real tree or presented as party favors in small boxes for guests to take home with them.

Tag Swag

Each ornament is topped with a simple holiday tag that boasts a cheerful seasonal saying.

Click here to download the printable template for these cheerful tags.

Stick To It

Both the ball ornaments and gift boxes were created using Mod Podge. Simply paint each layer to adhere the paper to the boxes or balls below. You can make these in advance, or consider adding an activity to the party agenda, involving the guests in crafting.

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