Famous Food Scenes from Christmas Movies

The holidays are all about eating, spending time with family and then avoiding said family by going to the movies alone. These holiday movies often show off gratuitous amounts of food. Here is some of the most succulent and inviting — and just plain weird — food to appear in seasonal flicks. Try not to drool.

A Christmas Story — 1983

After much trial and tribulation, Ralphie and his family finally sit down to a delicious meal at a Chinese restaurant. And thus, an entire Christmas Day sub-industry was born.

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Home Alone 2 –– 1992

What would you do if your family accidentally left you at a posh NYC hotel with unchecked access to an expense account? You’d eat pizza in a limo, drink soda out of a champagne flute and order up an unlimited ice cream buffet, of course.

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Elf –– 2003

Ever since Santa’s elves started showing up in our popular mythos, folks have wondered what these diminutive helpers eat. The answer, according to this movie, is spaghetti topped with sugary syrup. Yum!

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas –– 1966

After finally realizing the error of his ways, the Grinch is rewarded by being given the honor of slicing a fantastic-looking roast beef. Thankfully, said beef is not green.

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Groundhog Day –– 1993

Once Bill Murray’s cantankerous weatherman, Phil Connors, figures out that life really has no consequences, he goes hog-wild at the local diner. This is probably one of the best breakfast scenes ever put to film.

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When Harry Met Sally –– 1989

It’s easy to forget that this classic romantic comedy actually revolves around several New Year's Eves. With that in mind, Meg Ryan’s iconic, and loud, scene at Katz’s Delicatessen forever made us all want to “have what she’s having.”

Polar Express –– 2004

Just how good is the CGI hot chocolate they serve aboard the Polar Express? So good it makes the CGI waiters dance in the aisles.

A Muppet Christmas Carol –– 1992

Sure the Muppets don’t seem to have functioning digestive systems, but that shouldn’t stop them from enjoying a delicious Christmas feast with a newly enlightened Ebenezer Scrooge (Michael Caine).

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Hannah and Her Sisters –– 1986

This Woody Allen classic centers around three separate Thanksgiving feasts, each lavishly catered and utterly drool-worthy. Look at those turkeys — plural!

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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation –– 1989

This iconic Christmas scene has it all: food fights, errant felines and combustible Christmas trees. Of course, the piece de resistance of all of this chaos is the turkey that’s so dry, it deflates.

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