Santa Claus-Inspired Food

Christmas is nearly upon us, so let's celebrate everyone's favorite snow-filled holiday with a tribute to the famous cookie hound, Santa Claus. Here are some cool foods inspired by good ole Saint Nick.

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Santa Cake

Mr. Claus’ extreme girth occasionally gets him in trouble when having to traverse narrow chimneys. This cake pokes fun at a situation that, for Santa, must be an extremely embarrassing one.

Via: Daily Dose of Art

Santa Cookies

If you know anything about the world’s preeminent gift giver, it’s that he absolutely adores cookies. In that spirit, plenty of people have baked cookies to look like his adorable bearded face.

Via: Rolling Pin Productions

Santa Claus Melon

The Santa Claus melon, also known as a Christmas melon, may not look like jolly Saint Nick or, one assumes, taste like him. It is, however, a gigantic specimen of melon, which fits in with Santa’s uncontrollable lust for cookie carbs.

Via: All Creatures

Santa Candy Hats

Santa’s red and white hat is about as iconic as the man himself. Celebrate his flair for headwear with these bizarre candies.

Via: The Recipe Room

Chocolate Santa

Nearly everything in this world can be improved upon by making it out of chocolate, and the North Pole’s landlord is no exception. Do not feed this to the reindeer though. They might have an allergy.

Via: All Wine Baskets

Santa Strawberries

The farming situation up in the North Pole is rather dire, what with the eleven and a half months of bitter, deadly cold and all. So when Santa gets his hands on a delicious strawberry or 20, you know he is going to indulge.

Via: Cutest Food

Santa Pizzas

Everyone loves pizza. This is an undisputed fact of science. Using the mathematical rule of association where a = everyone and b = Santa, one can easily see that Mr. Claus loves himself a slice or eight. Also, I don’t really know how math works.

Via: Connecticut Working Moms

Santa Bread

You know what they say: Bread is basically a giant cookie without the sugar. OK, nobody has ever said that in the history of time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a Santa-shaped loaf.

Via: Love and Homemade Recipes

Santa Hot Dogs

When you think of a delicious hot dog, you usually think of a warm summer’s day and not the soul-crushing, below-freezing temperatures of the North Pole. That doesn’t mean Santa and his elven slaves can’t throw a pretend BBQ once in a while. They’ve earned it.

Via: Operation Santa

Santa Made of Veggies

Here is a thing Santa would never eat in a billion Christmases: a healthy monstrosity made entirely out of — gasp — vegetables.

Via: Chef Mom

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